The Words of the Cooper Family

Love Sunday's with the community

Simon Cooper
April 17, 2011

I love Sundays. Lots of our key staff and usual volunteers away; that always makes me nervous. But because they did some preparation and because people are willing to step up, God is still empowered to work fully.

Great congregation today. Lovely, fascinating interview session with Danish religious students this evening, table tennis with the Kent room congregation, Just stole some chicken and chips from 3 sisters who let me know they were going to Nando's, and one more person to visit on my way home.

I get to speak to so many different people on a Sunday, and there are always so many good testimonies shared about people volunteering in the community. Just moved to hear both 1st hand and 2nd hand stories how some people were lifted up by one brother who always reaches out to his peers and made them feel like it was easy to connect to their faith community.

God created us to take care of each other in community. Have a great week everyone. As Ando said at the start of the AM service: we start the week together and we have 7 untouched fresh days ahead of us. Build community this week. 

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