The Words of the Cooper Family

When we help each other out… we build community

Simon Cooper
April 16, 2011

Back in December 2010, after praying on the upstairs landing with friends

How do we know if we are a caring community… what are the signs?

When we start to manifest genuine gratitude:

Recently one of the families in our congregation was moving house in difficult circumstances. And it was inspiring to see the support that people offered. Here is a Facebook message I received yesterday from Helena Stout. Let's always thank God for people's generosity, and for people's gratitude; both present in the message below:

"Simon, I don't know what to write really. Just wanted to express my gratitude to all the people who helped in even the smallest way. I didn't expect such a tremendous response. Without the help of all the people we couldn't have managed it. Il Shim Sato helped us throughout, so did Kaz Sato. Rita O'Neill was a star helping us 4 days in a row. Cathy Hays, 3 days. Ann Cotter did painting. Anthony lent me his car for 4 days. Mr. Hayashi did some driving and taking things to the dump.. Annette Ormond brought 2 young lads who super cleaned the living room. All my kids and Mike too, who lent his car and trailer. Also, William and Ruth Haines helped the first day. Song Jong too. And Teresa Hays. Diana's friend Noorine Khan. I am so deeply moved by all the willingness to help my family. Without all their help we could not have managed. And you too, in getting the van for another day.

(Some extra thank yous via txt message: Mulumba did some driving too n lots of ppl prayed. Rubina Khan brought food and John O'Neill took three loads+to+the+dump.)

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The Stout family."

When ever I have visited their house there are always friends there, and I always leave lifted up. Let us all go out every week with the determination to lift someone up. God bless. 

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