The Words of the Cooper Family

43LG music team out in the community on a Thursday night

Simon Cooper
April 2, 2011

Last night our music ministry team came together and visited the Askew Road church which a friend of mine pastors. Their youth are preparing the service for mothering Sunday and Thursday is when they regularly meet. They have a great venue and just recently have had their building developed and refurbished. But the pastor was saying that they are a bit short on music, so I offered for our music team to come down and share some of the new songs they have been learning.

What is prompting me for these kinds of ideas is the need for us to get out; live together with other communities, by sharing what ever blessings we have been given. If you feel you are called to build Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of heaven on earth, and for your family to be an owner as it says in our pledge, then probably you may have realized, even unconsciously, that it is not something we are meant to, or can do, on our own. For me that means building relationships in the way Father describes in his home church teaching: 

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