The Words of the Cooper Family

Father's Autobiography Testimony

Deanna Cooper
March 25, 2011

I met Barbara in 1972 while in the Protestant Youth Center in Baldwinville, MA. Barb and her former husband Chet were house parents for this home for youth with family problems. We became very close during that time, and afterwards, I lived with Barb and Chet on several occasions. When I wasn't living with them, I visited them whenever I had the chance, taking the bus from Springfield to Gardner countless times.

I met the Unification Church in Oregon in 1975. The first time I came back East to see my family after meeting the church, of course I took the bus to see Barb. Sadly, she was divorced and raising three children on her own. From that point, I shared with her about Father and the church, but as she said, she wasn't open to it.

I recall giving her the book with Father's New Hope speeches and continuing to try to witness to her through the years, though "softly." Whether I was in Alaska, Korea or Australia, when I came back East I always paid a visit to Barb. Otherwise, we kept in touch through writing. When Father's book came out, naturally, I sent her a copy.

My recent visit was Sept. 2010, on her birthday. Her arm was in a sling and she was suffering from the pain and inconvenience of badly torn muscles. Somehow, we got into a heavy discussion and she was very negative about the church. My heart was sad and I didn't even ask her if she had read Father's autobiography because, honestly, I thought she had thrown it away.

But we still kept in touch. She told me how she had a Korean physical therapist and asked me about Korea. I said a few things and then I told her that Father's autobiography is not only about Rev. Moon, but it is an amazing look into Korean history and if she really wanted to know about Korea, she should read the book. And she did!!!!

While walking my Chihuahua in Kodiak I returned her call on my cell phone and couldn't believe my ears when she said, "Rev. Moon is the greatest Saint that ever lived." She apologized to me for anything she ever said against Father and the church and we had an amazing talk (when I could get a word in LOL!)

A week or so later, she asked me to send her a couple more books, one for her Korean therapist. I sent them Monday and called her Saturday morning March 12, to see if she had received the books. Barb was sitting in Barnes and Noble and we had a great talk and she was praising up Father and citing specific things in the book. I was on my way to the Wal-Mart, and half-way there, our phones cut off. I didn't call her back at that point.

But when I got home, she called me and told me about her meeting with the Perry sisters in Barnes and Noble. I couldn't believe it! I have had amazing things happen to me but this has to be the greatest "coincidence" of my life! What are the odds that I called her just as she was in BandN in ear shot of two BCs who just happen to be friends with my daughter??? And they had the guts to speak with her! I thank them for being courageous enough to step forward and reach out to my friend. This story isn't over yet!

Her enthusiasm is contagious and she said she wants to "right people's wrong concepts about Rev. Moon and the church." Through the book, she could understand Father's motivation and and said his heart is 100% in the right place. Her life has been tough, she has -- in our church vernacular -- paid a lot of indemnity -- and has been guided and protected by God all the way. A few years back she lost her eldest daughter in a car accident and shortly after that her former husband Chet, who I also kept in touch with, died of cancer.

I can't wait to hear the story of how Barb's Korean friend receives the book. I'm sure it is a tale worth listening to! 

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