The Words of the Cooper Family

Mr. Jin Hun Yong

Simon Cooper
February 26, 2011

Rev. Moon at 26 just after the Second World War

He works for the world mission department in the education department. 2 days of talks. For me the lectures have become v theological and started to challenge me …to see how they should be applied and be made relevant to our reality. I am having to work hard to connect the dots.

However some of the lectures yesterday were compelling.

A lot of people teach about our movement's founder and the stories connected to his life. But often they are 3rd or 4th hand. But Mr. Yong with others has been doing some in-depth research into Rev Moon's life. For example he went on foot along the journey from North to South Korea that Father walked with Won Pil Kim and another disciple at the time of the Korea war. There is a story about how the injured traveler told Rev Moon to go on with out him, or to give up their journey. Rev Moon encouraged them to go forward with genuine hope that God would prepare the way. They then came across a house in the mountain where a family had been given a revelation and prepared a meal and accommodation for them. His ancestors had told the man that the Messiah would be coming to his house.

Mr. Jin Hun Yong wanted to find out what evidence there was for this story. On his walk from North to South he found the village or house where this story was to have taken place. The man he was looking for had passed away, but he found the son of the man in another village, and when interviewed he shared a story from his father who had told the son that during the Korean war he had a dream and then an experience of meeting with and preparing a meal for Jesus. And told his son that the Messiah is on Earth and he should look for him.

He shared a lot more about all the others he interviewed from prison guards and fellow prisoners to the people who had been directly involved in the incidents of torture that Father experienced in Korea.

Father had hoped to have accomplished so much at the time when Korea was liberated from Japanese rule at the end of WWII. But already by the age of 26 he had gone through so many disappointments. You can see it in his face, he doesn't look 26. He actually looks younger in the next picture in the slide show which is from his 30s. In the next picture you get a sense that he has regained a peace in his heart. 

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