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Damon tells a story about how I put the world to sleep

Simon Cooper
February 19, 2011

How a sermon can look like for a 10 year old

Damon made a little video on my phone last night. Every parent wants to encourage creativity in their children, because somewhere deep down we know, we remember, that it's our creative moments in life that bring us the greatest joy -- it's on a different plane than the Wii, cartoon network, Xbox, etc. Since we just moved house the boys are having cold turkey with no internet and TV for a few days -- it's good for them.

Damon was hanging out with Chieko and I in the kitchen after the younger ones had gone to bed, and he made this little cartoon and then narrated it. It's about how my sermons could inspire the government to hatch a sinister plan, but then accidentally I end up sending the whole world to sleep.

Great plot line. From a Sunday service to the world being flooded on a biblical scale and finally woken up. I guess it's a new angle on flooding.

A cartoon about how my sermons could inspire the government!


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