The Words of the Cooper Family

Injury Brings Out Concern -- Family Observations

Simon Cooper
December 20, 2010

The boys can be very wild sometimes. they were doing something involving mattresses, a table, jumping and bouncing. Anyhow, heard a cry of agony from upstairs from Eddie and then Lenny calling me urgently… not for the first time. Arrived to find the duvet with patches of blood and then noticed Eddie's hands were all red. He had bounced off the mattress and caught his head on the table.

Dismissed Adam and Eve what with the car been out of action. And we managed to patch it up well enough. But the nice thing was how the boys, especially Mark and Lenny, all did so much fussing around Eddie. Getting damp cloths to wipe the blood off his hands, and his neck. Mark said: "if your brave Eddie and take the pain I will get you some Go go's".

It's amazing how they can go from attack mode to being gentle, concerned hearted, brothers so easily. Children have a special ability to be versatile. 

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