The Words of the Cooper Family

Staff Christmas Party

Simon Cooper
December 17, 2010

Christmas Dinner -- Youth Ministry Table

Last night we had a beautiful experience together. About 60 people, pastors, department directors, and volunteer staff came to 43LG to celebrate Christmas together. Of course not everyone was there. We just have so many people doing great things all around the UK. Ed Stacey came from Wiltshire, very bravely taking on the snow. This video is just to help everyone else who wasn't there feel a little bit a part of what happened last night…

…and THANK YOU to all the unsung and behind-the-scenes-heroes.

I didn't get everything on my phone, and wasn't originally planning to put this together, but here are a few clips from the festive night: pictures, after dinner speech, Rev and Mrs Song, and Magic man. Sorry I didn't get the band

A big thank you to Anthony McGuigan , Naomi Sato, and all the other catering staff who made us feel like we were in a 5 star restaurant.

Happy Christmas Unification movement, and may you prosper and be blessed in 2011. 

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