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A Movement Of Unification?

Simon Cooper
December 15, 2010

When the sociologist, Frederik Sontag, asked Rev Moon:

"I want to know if you see any danger of the church drifting toward becoming just another church among many. What can happen is that people who are establishment-oriented gain control and the empire-ambition begins to dominate."

Sontag interviewed Rev Moon for 9 and a half hours, with just a few short breaks [read the entire interview here]

…This was his reply:

"This is the fundamental difference between the existing churches and the Unification Church. Ours is not a denomination but a movement of unification. Therefore, this movement will not cease in its revolutionary zeal or its pioneering task until the ultimate goal of establishing the kingdom of God here on earth is physically accomplished and God is able to take great comfort and joy after his six thousand biblical years of suffering.

We really could not become just an institutionalized established church. This is really a movement, and it will not settle down until the movement is no longer necessary."

The key to being a movement must have something to do with being a place where there is a creative space for ideas and an ongoing conversation about how to make the big vision of the Messiah something that permeates down into the everyday life of ordinary people.

If you are part of the unification movement then you are someone who creatively brings the Divine Principle into the practical reality of their day to day life. If you are part of an institution you wait…and wait, like all the others who exist within institutions (government, religious, business, etc), for something to happen.

The building of a workable vision continues… 

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