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Skill Up 2 Communicate What's In Your Heart

Simon Cooper
December 12, 2010

Doesn't everyone want to be confident, articulate, and effective at sharing what is most precious to them?

Probably after True Parents the best thing we have in our Unification Movement is the revelation and the teaching of the Divine Principle. A bunch of people came together last month to get better at doing that -- teaching. For many of us it was a start, to get skilled up, and support each other, in learning how to communicate God's word.

I hope next year we can all start to see our Unification Movement membership becoming confident in sharing their insights from the Principle in a way that helps their friends, peers, work mates, etc, get better perspectives on their life goals and purposes. We are called to communicate, in our own unique way.

The reflections say it all:

It was a very valuable experience! It's always been a difficult issue -- for young people especially -- to express what we believe as young Unificationists. For me, it was the beginning in being able to find confidence in talking about a topic which is such a big part of my life. I look forward to the next workshop.
Keishin Barrett

I found I definitely not only learnt more great techniques to improve how we represent our church, I also realized that an important part of this is to be really clear and confident in our identity and our beliefs. Reading True Fathers Interview with Frederick Sontag during Hoon Dok Hae showed a perfect example of this.
Sean Greaves

How to represent our movement and our opinion is one of the most important things which we should learn and I definitely think I learnt and even practiced it.
Sung Jong Choi

It's surprising to see how much we think we know, but how difficult it is to express it in an effective way. I'm glad we can have the opportunity to learn how to share our beliefs and ideals. What we have is valuable, and we need to be able to convey it in the right way.
Yoshi Hayashi

Big thank you to Livingstone House staff, Education Dept. and all who took part and helped out. 

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