The Words of the Cooper Family

Some People U Just Can't Fit In A Box

Simon Cooper
December 2, 2010

Just got a copy of the sociologist, Fredrick Sontag's, book on Rev Sun Myung Moon off Amazon. It has some great personal interviews in the back which is almost a one off occasion in Father's life. Apparently they met for 9 hours with out any breaks. He has done almost no media interviews over the years, so where he has done one to one interviews there is the chance to capture the candid clarity of his mind and heart.

Just made me think how some people never fit in the box others try to put them in. That has been Father's strength. He has never let the world around him control him or determine who he is. He has relentlessly sought to have God define his purpose.

That is why people have been exasperated by him, cuz he just does not fit into the box they make for him. They have tried so many times, but he always surprises people and forces them to revaluate.

That has got to be the best thing any of us can do -- prevent other people putting our life in their framework, and instead seek God's vision for our life.

Make a plan with God, for what you want to happen in your life in 2011, and prevent yourself being put in a box. 

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