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2010 True Parents are asking you personally to study together with them

Simon Cooper
November 12, 2010

True Father outside Lancaster Gate

We just got an email from the world mission department saying that at 5 am Las Vegas time today Father would like the world wide membership to study together with him by reading the message he gave in July (see below).

That will be 1 pm today 12th November UK time. If you are reading this after that time it is still meaningful to connect to his request by reading the message embedded below after you finish reading this news blog. … Here is the explanation email we received from our Unification Church International office:

Warmest greetings from Korea!

This is to convey True Parents' special instructions for all blessed families in the world to hold Hoon Dok Hae at Las Vegas, USA time 5:00 a.m. November 12. Please convey these instructions to all blessed families in each nation and region so that they can take part in this Hoon Dok Hae.

1. Meaning: True Parents' providence has been perfected and completed. Therefore, all blessed families of the world should offer devotion by doing Hoon Dok Hae at the designated time below.

2. Hoon Dok Hae should begin at 5:00 a.m. November 12, 2010 Las Vegas, USA time.

Check click on the west coast (Pacific Time zone)

3. Families should do Hoon Dok reading the speech True Father gave at the World Assembly to Proclaim the Embodiment of God's Word and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

4. This Hoon Dok Hae should be conducted at home or in church.

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