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Memorial Woodland Ready for Consecration

Simon Cooper
October 23, 2010

On October 17th 2010, a group of brothers and sisters completed the fencing of the Won Jeon, and it is now ready for consecration. On the 9th and 17th of October, a group of local families, parents and children, had a really happy experience working together on two beautiful autumn days to erect a post and rail fence around the proposed site.

From "The Tradition" book we quote "Father has indicated in several of his speeches that Blessed Couples should be buried at "Holy Ground". In the future, our national movement will buy parks (with hills or small mountains, if possible) in regions or states for the purpose of burying Unification Church Members. Later, these areas will be designated as "holy grounds".

We, in this country, are fortunate in having just such a piece of land on a sunny hillside, donated to the Church some years ago. A place where True Father had, in 1974, created a holy ground and planted Oak trees. We are happy that we now have a location where we can place the body of our loved ones where they can be looked after for generations to come.

This will be the first Won Jeon in Europe. We would like to be able to create a special day when the consecration of this ground could be celebrated annually.

We would like to thank you for your support.

Memorial Woodland Committee. 

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