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Korean war veteran salutes British armed forces in House of Commons

Simon Cooper
October 7, 2010

Dr Bo Hi Pak (one of Rev Moon's most long standing and eldest disciples) spoke in the House of Commons, and gave an eloquent thank you message to all British armed forces on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Korean war. Shared how he was a young 19 year old military cadet when the Korean war broke out. And offered his gratitude for the speed of the British navy's response to come to the aid of the Republic of Korea. He explained how it was a just war that the British fought. Kind of refreshing at a time when we are still dealing with the contrived evidence that led to the war in Iraq in more recent years.

He went on to give the back ground to how the Little Angels performing arts school was born out of the aftermath of that war and how they are now a symbol of what the UN soldiers fought for all those years ago.

Can't be many 80 year old Koreans who speak such good English. He raises so many important points in his talk: Unless the British and other UN forces had moved v quickly our founder and True Father would have been murdered in Korea before his mission could really get going. 

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