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Keeping Commitments Always Pays

Simon Cooper
August 2, 2010

A journey towards keeping commitments...on the M4

Did my usual job at great time management today (not). Went up with Chieko and the little ones to pick Damon and Lenny from the Junior HARP workshop in Cleeve House.

Left it tight getting there on time, just made it, slightly manic driving experience. Was great to see all the kids and staff and other parents. Very uplifting.

Then had agreed to do the Divine Principle introduction for the Monday evening lecture at 7 pm in 43 Lancaster Gate. Leaving Wiltshire at 4.45 pm with a car load of kids made this a bit of a challenge. Had I really thought the day through properly?

On the way down it was looking tight. Called Matt Huish to see if he would like to cover the lecture for me. Quite rightly said he didn't appreciate less than 3 hours notice. And then I tried various other scams to see if maybe it wasn't going to be necessary and maybe those who were there could make an alternative plan.

Anyhow, the fact was that a lot of people had come and there were some people also there for the first time, and me being still on the road was NOT a good excuse for avoiding something.

I realized after a great evening in 43 Lancaster Gate, sharing the Principle, and lots of good company and moral support, that the issue was not just my time management, but the ease with which I was almost willing to give up on a commitment I had made. Okay, hadn't taught in that setting for a long time, and okay was a bit unsure of myself. But it really pays to have a bit of faith, and keep commitments. Things conspire to support decisions where we keep our word. It's like you know when you have done the right thing.

Basically the whole message on Sunday was about not sacrificing character for temporary fulfillment or whims, or misusing circumstances to be flaky. Kind of having to put it into practice now, so that I can preach what I practice next Sunday. 

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