The Words of the Burton Family

Pastor Hyung Jin Nim to visit United Kingdom

Simon Cooper
July 17, 2010

It has been confirmed that our International President, Pastor Hyung Jin Nim and his wife, Yeon Ah Nim will come to the UK on Monday 23rd August and spend a few days here to meet brothers and sisters before going on to visit the rest of Europe.

I am sure you will all look forward to meet them with your families and guests, so let us all prepare well to receive them and inspire them.

FFWPU Annual Gathering at Cleeve House

We have decided to move the Annual Gathering in Cleeve House to Tuesday 24th August (originally set for Saturday 21st August) so that all our Blessed families can have a chance to meet with Pastor Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim in our own beautiful environment . We did not want to miss our traditional summer Annual Gathering and it was thought difficult to gather UK members from all over the nation twice within a few days, so it seemed a wonderful opportunity to ask Hyung Jin Nim to speak to everyone at Cleeve on 24th. We have there facilities for the younger children to enjoy the bouncy castles, games, etc. Please try to book time off work if you need to. More details will come soon. 

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