The Words of the Cooper Family

Moments in Korea

Simon Cooper
July 12, 2010

7.30 Saturday morning 10th July:

True Parents have just arrived by helicopter out of the blue and are talking to a few hundred of us. Father's checking to see which of his close disciples are here. He ends up staying with us until 2.30 pm. He mentions how he hasn't slept the night before. Finding it hard to keep up with his train of thought. True Father is like a cosmic encyclopedia. And he is jumping from topic to topic before I can deconstruct the English translation… but he must be the sweetest grandfather in the whole world: completely at ease and full of the brightest energy. It's not easy for me to sit for so long when I don't speak Korean. But eventually I realize that Father's main motive for being here is to just be together with us for as long as possible. That's when I really get it, and catch this 90 year old man's heart for his disciples, his children. Several times he asks if we are hungry and that he should get back to Yeosu, and then he decides to stay longer, talk more, sing more, etc. You get the sense of how he has been through so much in his life that nothing phases him. At one point he said about his life (amongst the hundreds of different things he shared about) "…

I couldn't go forward as I planned to, I was a man alone, but God supported me and you supported…"

I heard from Peter Kim, who I bumped into in the new Coffee shop in Chung Pyung, that True Parents were very happy after hearing from Rev. Song about Europe. Especially True Mother was happy to hear about the younger generation in our community, and I think they noticed how many came as part of the European group for the event on the 8th July. She asked Peace TV to talk to Rev. Song to do an item on us, so I was called in with Geros Kunkel from the European Youth Dept. to their studios a few hours before my flight back to London. 

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