The Words of the Cooper Family

Community leaders eat pizza and watch football

Simon Cooper
June 18, 2010

…in their lunch break. Franklin Fortune was explaining how you can tell all the good players in the World Cup because they have been trained by Manchester United. We had our monthly get together. It was good.

There were a lot of inspiring testimonies from different people that spanned from:

Someone paying Simon Rosselli's kids £20 to NOT wash their car as they went on a house to house fundraiser

To a member in North London who couldn't sleep one night and went out early at 4.30 am to put outreach flyers through her neighbors'' doors. One of them had also found it hard to sleep and had been up praying at 5 am; when the flyer with True Parents picture came through the door. She went to our site and found out that there was a prayer evening in Lancaster Gate and came along the same day with her husband to take part.

We discussed the arrival of Father's biography in a week or so and organizing a book launch. And a long list of other topics…

After lunch we had a short presentation on a seminar I had attended on practical time management. I think the concept of learning how to delegate well was an attractive one for all of us. Basically we want to skill up our staff more and organize more training, this was a step towards that:

We meet on Wednesdays now because there is always just too much going on in the communities on the weekend these days. It's a good sign. 

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