The Words of the Cooper Family

Holy day in The Park

Simon Cooper
June 4, 2010

Next Saturday 12th June is one of our main Unificationist holy days of the year. I know South London and Bromley will have holy day arrangements. But just want to invite everyone else who would like to join us in Lancaster Gate to feel very welcome and invited to come along to celebrate. Why not make a day of it?

A holy day that will be a holiday

If you are driving please be aware that there is NO congestion charge, but you WILL need to pay for parking up to lunch time. That will cost you about £10.

The sport planned is baseball. We will make teams up on the day. But I am sure there will be some football too. Play, be a spectator, or wander around Hyde Park.

Bring a picnic, or otherwise pop down to the local Tesco and put one together in the moment.

South Korea, Argentina, and then ENGLAND are all playing in the PM so there will be lots of world cup action on the big screen in the new reception area.

But most of all it's a great chance to be a community, share food, stories, catch up, meet old friends, and make new ones.

If you want to bring guests for all or part of the day that is also totally fine. EVERYONE is welcome. 

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