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Hoping To Put Us On The Map In A More Substantial Form

Simon Cooper
May 12, 2010

I am getting thinner. I am doing a sponsored 'lose 5 Kilos' to raise finances for the restoration of 43, Lancaster Gate. Did you know we are on the local 94 bus stop TFL map?!?!

It is my local church now, so every day I feel more and more how important it is to make it shine. We get there most mornings at around 5am for morning devotion, and every time I get up in the morning early enough to arrive on time I feel strangely awake.

(Although when today in our morning mediation I lost track of time, Chieko was not convinced it was me reaching a higher plane; more of a deep slumber)

But we want to also make it a place which is immediately welcoming when anyone visits. And so we made a budget and then a goal to fund redecorating a large part of the public space. Right now we are working on the ballroom.

Please sponsor me. Just go to the link below and make a donation.

Dieting is hard work, especially with a wife who cooks better than Nigella, and working in an office where people are always so generous with bringing in tasty snacks.

But I must say it's great emotional self discipline. I am trying a pretty bizarre diet given to me by a charismatic Italian brother. So, no more diet tips please…I need your donations. Trust me it is a worth while cause. I will get back to 85 Kilos and our national headquarters will shine more brightly. 

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