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Congratulations to David Cameron… and Nick Clegg

Simon Cooper
May 11, 2010

...And all the best for Gordon Brown in what he described as his most important job: as a husband and a father.

I was happy to see tonight that we have a new Prime Minister. David Cameron has gone a long way in the short few years as his party's leader, and is the youngest PM for 200 years. I am sure he has a lot of potential. I get the feeling he really does care about the family and about people taking responsibility for their lives in a healthy way. His first words outside No.10:

Real change is not what government can do on its own; real change is when everyone pulls together, comes together, works together; when we all exercise our responsibilities to ourselves, to our families, to our communities, and to others. And I want to try to help build a more responsible society here in Britain. One where we don't just ask: "What are my entitlements," but: "What are my responsibilities?" One where we don't ask: "What am I just owed," but more: "What can I give?"

He is remarkably straight forward about what he thinks here. And at least he is putting forward a healthy set of principles here.

We read in our morning devotion this morning something True Father, Reverend Moon, said in relation to this topic:

"…a family is the place where we create new customs and a new culture and cast them as habits. Without the family, the society could not exist. A national society could not exist and thus the nation nor the world could exist."

Also, Nick Clegg is obviously going to figure strongly in the new Government and there is the possibility that he and Cameron may get on well. At least they have a fair bit in common in terms of their background and they are both good communicators. Of course they will both face a lot of different pressures from their party members.

My kids have had a crash course in our political system, and are quite interested in the whole affair. They keep asking me who is Nick Clegg choosing to be the next PM, and I have been explaining that it's not quite like that at all. But they have really started asking a lot of questions, and I have to decide whether to turn down the radio and listen to them or keep saying just wait a minute…which results in them counting to 60.

(I explained to the boys it's more like striking a deal like when they want something from each other: transferring ownership rights of the Lego that Santa gave them for bits of pocket money that the other has saved up and agreeing in addition to water the other's plants once a day….)

Anyhow, it's an exciting time for British politics. Let's pray it goes down the right path. 

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