The Words of the Cooper Family

To Be A Loving Parent…

Simon Cooper
May 5,2010

Remember kids don't think like adults, and thank goodness for that.

Our Divine Principle scripture teaches that we should mature our own heart by connecting to God's love. This is how we prepare for nurturing the hearts of our children or those who are influenced by us.

Here is a profound STORY for all of us, sometimes angry parents, to be careful how we treat our children:

The Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, took a child to sit on his lap. While on his lap the child urinated. The prophet then asked for some water to clean himself. The father of the boy took his child and shouted "you stupid boy, what have you done," and terrified child recoiled in fear. The Prophet hugged and consoled the child, and told the father: "My clothes can be washed. But watch how you treat your son. If you deal harshly with him like this, who can then restore his self-esteem?"

I heard this story on the radio from Abdal Hakim Murad he concluded by saying: "in its earliest years, the soul is vulnerable. Our greatest duty as parents is to preserve it from harm." 

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