The Words of the Cooper Family

Managing Personal Finance

Simon Cooper
May 2, 2010

This Sunday we looked at our personal finances and how we manage them. The more we recognize that God does not want us to divorce all our possessions (our stuff) and money from our relationship with Him, the more we will be able to bond. Our faith will become more 'tangible'.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21)

This is a huge principle. This is not an indictment, or a judgment. This is just a self evident truth. When people invest their money into something a bit of their heart goes to that thing. It commands their attention. Where we send our money our attention follows.

When people buy shares in a company. Even they don't know so much about all the internal workings of the business, their eyes go to the little abbreviation which symbolizes the company in the financial pages.

(The sound is fine on the video…but at the start of the message the radio mic is on mute. it starts again at 9 mins 16 secs in.)

God is not interested in getting your money, but he is interested in capturing your heart and your hearts are connected to your personal finances.

Tithing is a spiritual law given by God to humankind to assist people in finding abundance, fulfillment, and gratitude in their everyday lives.

The law of tithing is to give 10 percent of one's increase back to God, with God represented on the physical level by the source of one's spiritual teachings -- often a church, synagogue, mosque, or a spiritual teacher.

When a person tithes, the universe that works under the spiritual law of tithing says, "If you have that much to give, that means you are open to receive more."

To be rich towards God is to give 'our extra' what we don't need to those who are in need.

Use your stuff as a tool to allow you to join in achieving a vision that is greater than your own comfort.

You have a little time, a little window of opportunity while you are here, so…

Turn your temporary worldly wealth into eternal wealth. 

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