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50 years of marriage and a million stories to tell - Happy True Parents Day

Simon Cooper
April 29, 2010

Together with our True Parents we celebrated the 51st 'True Parents' day today which connects us to the culture of heart that they have given birth to. Today is also their 50th wedding anniversary.

It has been no ordinary marriage, but an unimaginable endeavor to set a model of how a man and woman can come together as God originally intended. Not only to build a family of their own, but to bring God's love to humanity in a new way and heal the world. They have planted the seed out of which a renewed family of mankind can grow.

Who are they for our life?

They bring us rebirth. They will take you out of this fallen world if you let them and in that context they are your savior. If you look back at their last 50 years they gave their lives for us, because they discovered a realm of God's heart that was virgin territory. God's blessing for us is given through them, they are The Way. How can we understand their tradition and heart?

By following, learning and inheriting from them: through reciting the Family Pledge we are put in touch with their world view and their vision. Through keeping their tradition of studying God's word each morning we discover their humility towards God.

When we establish these two traditions in our family or personal life then we have a basis on which to understand them. Without these kinds of practice we have no real starting point, just our own changing opinions.

True Parents are not an organization. They do not represent an institution, rather they are two human beings bound together in marriage who represent God directly on Earth at this time and for eternity in the cosmos that He created. So it's the other way round: The hope is that people can organize their organizations in a way that can represent True Parents.

So our relationship with them is essentially a human one. We are human beings and so are they. As with all human relationships that are meaningful and genuine it needs to be a personal relationship. So just as a Christian we are firstly more interested in our personal relationship with the man, Jesus, rather than an institution or church organization, so as Unificationists our focus is to connect to their behavior, teaching, guidance and example.

Happy True Parents Day! 

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