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National Outreach Campaign update and prayer condition

Simon Cooper
April 16, 2010

Our new witnessing card - get it from your pastor

Thank you for all that you are offering to God in your daily lives and all that you do to support our True Parents mission.

The new outreach card is printed and hopefully will be in your hands, in church, by this coming Sunday.

This is a week later than we originally intended. But I know many of you have already taken up several initiatives to get out meeting people and working on local outreach.

It is for me a learning experience this campaign and a formation stage experience in some respects.

Looking ahead towards the rest of the campaign: I would like to propose 3 weeks of passionate prayer to start this coming Sunday 18th April -- Saturday 8th May. At least 12 minutes each day.

Here are some suggested prayer points:

Pray for people you want to witness to

Pray for the unity of our Blessed families and our church communities

Pray for the growth of our congregations both in heart and in number

Pray for a more intimate personal relationship with our True Parents

Let us seek deeper insights for our outreach and church development. What I hope we can gain is what David Earle recently called 'authentic spiritual revival', which means we have more than a momentary experience of inspiration, but make the right conditions to have a genuine experience of rebirth that can then sustain us over the longer term to show our steadfast determination and passion.

How many of you would like to join a condition to hand out 360 outreach cards over the 21 days which will be the same period as the above prayer condition (18th April -- 8th May)? Please discuss in your community how to best go about this.

One suggestion for the outreach contact cards is to make an additional A5 leaflet for any events or worship services that you would like to invite people to and then either post through people's letter boxes or put into people's hands both the outreach contact card and a locally focused flyer.

I am going to put some effort into preparing a 3 week sermon series for our Lancaster Gate community church to start at the end of this prayer condition on the Sunday 9th May. I want to design it for introducing new guests to the Principle and True Parents.

Please remember that one focus for May and June are the weekend Divine Principle retreats held in Livingstone House that will take place on the following dates:

May 7th - 9th
June 4th -- 6th

We will be working on the new site over the next week or two to develop the content more. Please give any feedback you consider will be helpful and also under the communities section think if you would like to have anything added regarding your local area.

If you want to join the prayer condition please leave a comment in the blog and or let your pastor know.

Have a good week.

All the best,


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