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German Biker Comes Up With A Plan

Simon Cooper
March 26, 2010

End of day 1 of the European assembly for Unificationist community leaders. Some good presentations today.

One of my favorites was from Christian Hausmann. Don't know him? Well he is part of the German leadership trinity, business man, involved in regional German politics, and drives a serious bike. Think it's a BMW.

Here in his robust and typically candid style is a proposal to do something effective for the German movement. It inspired me cuz we are planning a leaflet campaign as part of our national outreach strategy in the UK, and it made me think. It's always good when something makes me do that.

I found him great fun and also very convincing. Check him out. And excuse the digital zoom quality on the iPhone:

Let me know what you think of his concept. It's got limitations naturally like most new ideas, but I think with a bit of developing it has great potential.

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