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Who Are You, Lord?

Simon Cooper
March 25, 2010

Last three Sundays we have been looking at what it means to come to God on His terms and how for God, His perspective on relating to you and I, is always personal.

In the last part of this message series we looked at the question Saul asked Jesus on the road to Damascus before he became Paul.

Jesus showed him that what he was persecuting was not a false theology or a cult, or a dangerous ideology, but a 'me'. Jesus asked him: "Why do you persecute ME?'

And then Saul asked the question that is probably the most important question in our life: "Who are you, Lord?"

The answer to that question changed everything for him. Today we need to ask the same question: "Who are you, True Parents?" Unless we take up our responsibility and also make our decision on that question and the answer to it, then we will find that we are in effect sitting on a fence.

That was the exciting thing about St. Paul. He was either for you or against you.

We had another great performance, this time by Kathleen Moloney. At one point the backing track cut out, but it only made her voice sound better:

In the announcements Matthew J and myself were each given a present and a card from the congregation for our respective family's new arrivals. Two new baby girls this week for headquarters church community! And there were some happy granddads in the congregation:

It has been very special having Frank, Nancy Jubb's father, visiting. Every morning when we arrive for our morning devotion he is already there in the prayer room having prepared the candle and the pledge sheets. And of course he is American, and there is something special about Americans who love God. Just talking to him reminds me of something from when I met the Unification Movement back in 1993 in New York. 

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