The Words of the Cooper Family

Waiting For The Baby

Chieko Cooper
March 17, 2010

Tuesday 9th March:

My due date is next Wednesday but I am expecting the baby to come this Friday because this Wednesday and Thursday is not so practical for our schedule. I just want to be back to a normal state so I don't need to make a determination to stand up again after sitting down. Last two weeks were quite tough in that sense.

This pregnancy I received lots of blessing from lots of people especially from children's classmates' parents. They are all really excited about the baby.

I was a super healthy eater in the last 9 months and only ate out 4 times, once in McDonald's, twice Chinese, and once Simon took me to the River Cafe. I cooked really healthy meals everyday for 9 months.

Wednesday 17th March

I just need to do one more load of laundry and just go and buy and prepare a birthday present for one of kids' friend's party, all these kind of practical things….I just want it to be quick now, don't want to wait longer. However, this afternoon, I went to the hospital and it looks like we have another week or so to wait until the baby is born.

I thought it was going to come much earlier. …my life is good, there is always a lot to laugh about with Simon, especially about the kids and all the things they say and do.

We still haven't found a name.

Planning to start writing more often, if Simon helps me. 

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