The Words of the Cooper Family

In the beginning was the Word…

Simon Cooper
March 9, 2010

…and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1)

Chieko and I go most mornings to offer some devotion in the ballroom in our church headquarters and we study our scripture with some of the brothers in Lancaster Gate.

I don't believe it's a very attractive option for most of us, most of the time to get up super early, but there are times when God's word just comes alive and finds its way into your heart, mind and soul.

We were reading the Cheon Seong Gyeong from page 1039 to about 1044, and the words felt so strong and true. I could feel the timeless spirit of truth that my mind and body almost physically responds to.

We do a bit of meditation and breathing practice after our reading and again, that is something that is easy to find difficult, something to avoid doing, but over time it can from one moment to the next bring so much blessing into our body. This morning I could feel God's word and the breathing practice stirring around inside me and generating a special kind of energy.

The challenge is how do we find a way in, a reason, to start our day with God's word. And I realized how Chieko and I are blessed because we caught a similar vision despite not been similar.

As we sat there in a circle with the brothers, listening to each other read, I could see what a powerful way to build trust: when we all start our day together from that same point of submitting our self to God and listening to His Word we have a chance to respect and value each other more deeply. We come together not just on our own often capricious terms but instead on God's terms which can be relied upon.

On the car ride home, as we went through Shepherds Bush, still feeling that special kind of energy that only comes from the source, I became partially aware of True Parents' loving behavior towards all of us and the tradition that God has been passing on to us over the millennium: the study of His Word that has the power to impact our life.

I know often God's words are hard to catch, understand, and sometimes they just cannot find their way in. But it only requires a bit of patience and persistence. You can find a 100 reasons why starting the day this way is not practical for your life, but if it is just one sentence, then why not start with that.

Feed yourself with something each morning that takes you deeper into who you really are, that guides you to where you are really meant to go, and where actually you long to be. 

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