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Original Divine Principle (ODP) Day 7: putting everything in to context

Simon Cooper
January 31, 2010

We completed the workshop just before lunch time today. I need to now take some time to put it all into the context of going home and getting back to work.

I delayed on that this afternoon. I watched Amazing Grace, the movie. Masako Brown lent it to me ages ago and I never got round to watching it: uplifting period piece on the abolition of the slave trade involving, romance, politics, faith, and friendship. After hung out in Geros Kunkel's room just seeing if there was anything else worth watching on his laptop. Tomorrow, I think I will start the processing. Just needed a few hours to unwind.

Haven't actually being out doors since I arrived last Sunday night (save for a few minutes to film the snow and take a picture.) Very unhealthy. In a stark contrast, I was impressed last night to find out Ashley Crosthwaite has been going out every morning before 5 am to walk… and sit in the snow (I guess for his Tibetan style meditation.) Was inspired to join him, but found out after midnight on the way up to our rooms and decided I wasn't going to make it. He wrote "I love you" in the snow below our rooms this morning. That's Ashley making the world a better place for us to live in.

One thing I guess I haven't mentioned before was that there were a few Christian and Muslim Ambassadors for Peace here for the workshop. It was good to see how they could basically receive so much from what was undoubtedly a very powerfully delivered 7 day Divine Principle workshop given with conviction and no beating around the bush in terms of explaining True Parents. I think it said a lot about their character and depth of heart.

Will put some more pictures up tomorrow, and some thoughts on what I am taking away from the experience. 

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