The Words of the Cooper Family

A Chicago Testimony

Helen Cooper
June 29, 2005

I am so grateful that I was invited to attend the event with Rev. Moon.

I had to really push myself, since my own anniversary was the night before.

I am deeply grateful that I was given the chance to pray at the end of the program.

I feel that the Holy Spirit really guided me to be part of the program.

In the morning, although I arrived at 4:45am, I was only able to sit in the 3rd row.

I am sorry that I could not get there earlier so I could have been in the first row in front of Father.

I really enjoyed the entire time, but especially the last several moments as Father was sharing so deeply and so intimately.

It was like being with Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount.

Fatherís words and guidance were the same quality of words that Jesus spoke.

It was so special to be in his presence.

Rev. Helen Cooper
Westside Center of Truth

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