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America's Destiny Tour - One Family Under God - Hope Harmony Healing - Mrs. Jun Sook Kwak Moon

Richard Buessing
June 4, 2007
Warwick, Rhode Island

As the guests gathered in the Rotunda of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island, there was a sense of intimacy and connectedness. The power of a circular room was apparent as the feeling of togetherness within the circle made the message of peace all the more real. The circular tables let guests see each other_s faces and feel that sense of community, a global community represented in the diverse audience.

Rev. Buessing welcomed everyone to the festivities and led the room in the Holy Burning and Special Blessing Ceremonies. He brought clarity and enlightenment to the audience about these ceremonies, giving the participants the sense of the heart behind them. After the ceremonies concluded, the banquet began. Anxious to capture this momentous occasion for memory, a colorfully dressed Buddhist monk recorded the audience, and nearby tables, with his video camera. The monk was Sochetta Yieng, who worked in Cambodia and America working to bring peace. He became an Ambassador for Peace and said after the event: _It's wonderful. I was surprised. I really like and enjoy it (the event and being an Ambassador for Peace). 

Seating for over a hundred was prepared for the evening, but as the tables were being filled by guests, more seats were added to fit more attendees. Rev. Groenendyk powerfully delivered the welcoming address, followed by a heartfelt song offering by Rev. Israel Mercedes and Loanny Mercedes, his wife.

Rev. Jesse Edwards then took the stage, bringing with him an energy that brightened the room, preparing the way for the message to come. He literally brought members of five different religions together, on stage, thus demonstrating peace through this powerful display of love. Rev. Edwards' address was followed by the UPF video presentation. Both Rev. Edwards and the video presentation helped the audience understand the loving heart of our True Parents and gave insight into their initiatives toward world peace.

In a touching moment, Rev. Edwards engaged the room in song, and the audience was more than willing to participate. As he shared the songs of his father and his faith, the atmosphere became more centered, more ready to receive the message of God, our vertical parent.

Following this moment, Jun Sook Nim took the stage to a receptive audience. The Rhode Islanders were able to feel True Family's love, as Jun Sook Nim shared the significance of Rhode Island as a state: having the first synagogue in America, being the first state to abolish slavery, and being founded for the purpose of religious freedom. She glowed as she spoke the words of our True Parents to the more than dozen churches and organizations, the many dignitaries, and 15 Ambassadors for Peace.

Following Jun Sook Nim's address, ministers wanted to shake her hand to express his gratitude for the message she gave. Many were eager to sign the Peace Declaration at the end of the event. A guest couple expressed their thorough enjoyment of the event, going on further: "We thought it was moving to see the daughter presenting her father's speech.  What more could express the point of a family working toward world peace, than a loyal daughter reading the message and continuing the mission of her father? Our Hindu brother, Subhash Chander, testified: _I really loved the emphasis put on the family unit as the foundation for world peace. It is so significant and I think that if people really would listen to this message, it could change the world. 

The preparation created openness to receive, and Jun Sook Nim delivered profoundly! With deep love and sincerity, her address connected the audience to the heart of God, True Parents, and the message: One Family Under God. AJU!

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