The Words of the Antal Family

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Deprogramming: Japan's Hidden Crime (Mitsuko and Chris Antal - August 1998)

Harmony Between Heart and Mind: Profile of Chris Antal (Susumu Kotegawa - June, 1999)

New Hope for Dialogue with National Council of Churches of Christ (Chris Antal - February, 2000)

Forcible "Deprogramming," the Japanese State, and International Human Rights (Chris Antal - 2004)

UTS Starts Foundation Program for Inter-religious Peace-building (Chris Antal - February 20, 2007)

UTS Advances Interfaith Program With Visit by Local Muslims (Chris Antal - February 21, 2007)

Military Chaplaincy and Interfaith Ministry, Interview with Chris Antal (Tyler Hendricks - December 4, 2008)

UTS Approved for Seminary Membership in the ACPE (Chris Antal - December 12, 2008)

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