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Notes by Mary Anglin
February 19, 2004

Rev. McCarthy:

My book, "The Master Plan" is coming out on February 28th. I believe there will be a tremendous dialogue about Jesus and his heart. This is coming out in coincidence with Mel Gibson's movie. We're gearing up in DC to steer the dialogue toward the mission and heart of Jesus. This is a chance for us to really steer the dialogue in the right direction. What Father has always wanted to do is make a movie about Jesus. We have to tell the story. Nobody knows the real story except Father. "The Master Plan" is the divine principle but adapted for the Christian mentality. It's toward story-telling and away from textbook style. Bishop Johnson has been using this style to teach his congregation. This is one thing we really focus on here in DC with our clergy.

Rev. Jenkins:

Thank you Rev. McCarthy. Father is very excited about the Feb. 4th event, so he's called for another conference/ briefing on Capital Hill on March 23rd. So the next pilgrimage will be tentatively the 25th of March through the following Thursday. Father is really encouraging us to understand how urgent the situation is. What we are doing is reconciling Muslim, Christians and Jews - this unity must be made to avert the current danger of increased polarization and enmity that God denying forces would like to see.

Dr. Yang was quite surprised about how Father so deeply inspired by February 4th. Father's point is that he doesn't want the fire to burn down. He said a great fire is now burning in America. Congressman D. is very excited about another event coming right away. He said every member of the house was very pleased with the event and saw the reality of the work were doing before their eyes. Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims, Christians and Jews and the room filled with that representation from all 50 states. Now more Congressmen want join this effort more directly.

Father wants us to focus more intensely on the Middle East Peace Initiative. He's asked for 120 Ambassadors for Peace to form another Peace Task Force to go to every corner of the Holy Land (Father reminded us of the power of the Peace Task Force in December) to go back to Israel. Dr.Yang is realistically looking for another 40 member task force to go from 40 days to three months.

When this date is finalized then we plan to go on the next Pilgrimage to Israel either March 25 or March 30th. The providence now is centering on the March event in Washington.

Rev. McCarthy could you share more about this.

Rev. McCarthy:

We had our ACLC Basketball sports banquet. We had a lot of new clergy there. Had a brand new bishop there. He was brought by one of Bishop Johnson's youth. He has a lot of foundation in the sports area dealing with youth. We're really excited that we're starting to attract new clergy. One of the slight downsides of the take down the cross movement is that it's made us a little elite. We've been thinking we need something to make us more attractive to new clergy. Eventually we can take them to the point of taking down the cross. We're planning a take down the cross symposium in Baltimore. Dr. Joshua Ben Ami was at Sunday service.

Rev. Jenkins:

Dr. Shuki (Joshua) Ben Ami who led the Jewish delegation to give the Crown to Jesus, has been working with us the past ten days. He's been working, visiting our churches and giving testimonies about giving Jesus the crown. I'm just totally shocked. I think rabbis are the next source of opportunity with ACLC. Rev. Rawls has been working with a Rabbi who called him the other night. His father became sick and went into a coma. They didn't know if he would come out of it. On Sunday he awakened from his condition and called out for his son the Rabbi. He said, "While I was in this deep sleep Jesus came to me. I am at total peace." The first thing this Rabbi did when he heard this shocking "happy" reflection of his Jewish father was to call Rev. Rawls because Rev. Rawls has been sharing everything with this Rabbi about our Pilgrimages.

Rev. McCarthy:

Sunday service was really amazing. We didn't know he was coming. It was very spontaneous. There was a meeting of our Jewish brothers and sisters. Dr Wilson, Rev Schanker and others. A wonderful sharing around the meaning of December 22nd. There was also a lot of anticipation about the movie of Mel Gibson's coming out this month. We look at the controversy around the movie. The spirit we're bringing is so significant. The congregation was so moved by Rabbi Ben Ami's testimony about Father being the Second Coming.

Rev. Jenkins:

We went to see Congressman C. who was the co-chairman of the last event and will do it again. He had specific questions of Dr. Ben Ami. He said, "You were giving Jesus the crown of King David. What did you mean by that?" Dr. Ben Ami responded, "We were giving him the Robe of the King; we were the Jews reversing all that. We gave him the Crown as King of humanity." Congressman C. asked him "are you a Christian?" "No I'm a Jew." The Congressman shared that he never imagined that he would hear such an answer and that a Jew would honor Jesus as King. Father's wisdom is so sharp about knowing the time and the conditions necessary to bring peace. The time is urgent; please understand that every move we make is taking a substantial step toward peace.

Rev. Chidester:

Dr. Ben Ami came and spoke with our leaders here in Florida. Several ministers and a new rabbi were there. After everybody testified to Father, it was very good for Rev. B. It didn't dawn on him until he heard all these testimonies and saw the new video. Father's position became more clear to him. The Rabbi there was deeply moved by Dr. Joshua Ben Ami from Israel and Rabbi David Ben Ami from Pennsylvania.

Rev. Jenkins:

The next day we met another rabbi who will go to Israel with us. We met a rabbi in DC who is very important and who is interested in working with us. After about 20 minutes of speaking in Hebrew with Dr. Ben Ami he really opened up and is now interested in going to Israel with us.

Rev. Jenkins:

Concerning Education:

Rev. Schanker is now our vice president of education. Dr. Yang wants to duplicate the quality of what we've given ACLC to now reaching out and brining new members. There must be a consistent education system for people to plug into. It must be a worked out system, not guess work. A number of leaders this week are meeting to develop curriculums. If you have any systems, no matter how old they are, if they were effective, please give them to us. We want to support Rev. Schanker to give him ability to develop the syllabus for many workshops, 3, 7, 21, 40 day, etc. Father has been emphasizing that the flood gates are ready to burst open. If you have any ideas please pass those along to Rev. Schanker.

The next big event on the Hill, we should all cooperate with the AFC leaders to help support that. The theme will be Strategies for Peace in The Middle East. We're thinking of bringing one of the biggest Palestinian leaders and a leader also from the Israeli side. That's the reason for the new prayer condition, even though the days are not set up yet. Father said through that prayer condition we can get the spirit world mobilized.

Rev. Jenkins:

We're thinking about taking the whole group into Gaza and having a seminar there. Then Father Hatoum is very excited about us going to Haifa. He really feels we're changing the Holy Land. This isn't just a few people patting us on the back. They told us in May don't try to just give us hope and then leave, never coming back. But they believe in us because we keep coming back. Then we want to go to the Muslim communities. We want to have luncheons and dinners with our contacts. Have sisterhood ceremonies. I don't think Father has given up at all on the one million rally he wanted in Israel. Father never forgets. The one million rally wasn't just a flash in the pan. He can see that we can really break though in the Middle East. We want to go into one of the settlements and have interface with the settlers. Especially the most far-right settlers who believe that God gave them the land and no one has the authority to take it away. I feel like if we touch them with our hearts that God will make a way for a foundation for peace.

We thank our Chung Pyung graduates, who've just returned. They laid the foundation for the Capital Hill victory.

You ambassadors who went in Korea on that first wave, Michael Dickerson, Linda Triggol, Stephan Berg set the wave for the Ambassadors on the worldwide level; which Father is very very serious about.

Rev. Dickerson:

We visited embassies immediately and military officers. Civic leaders and government officials. We had an inauguration ceremony for IIPC in Seoul. We had numerous opportunities to meet with Father in Han Nam Dong. Father said we should be the second selves of True Parents. During that speech Father pointed out that he wanted us to accomplish three things: Owners of Recreation, Second Selves of True Parents, and World Peace Through the Peace UN and the Peace Kingdom. We also went with True Parents to a number of places. In going to Japan we helped unite several organizations that would direct the unity of North and South Korea. Just recently they had a meeting where those representatives met. We had events in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. These were great successes. Right now we're working towards bringing 12 candidates for the blessing in July and 120 candidates in 2005.

Rev. Jenkins:

Father called Dr. Yang and said that immediately the American Ambassadors must go to their nations. At least two right now for each country. I'd like to get those names to you so you can know who in your regions are on the lists. The real urgency now is for Israel and New York.

Rev. Linda Triggol:

We had such a great experience in Korea. I had a real revelation that God has a government. That is what IIPC is. How to begin? We must realize that we are kingdom builders and must establish a nation, sovereignty and land. That's the fatherland. We must establish God's government. The 84 who went to Korea had to unite and work together to establish the Peace UN. We have to take ownership of it. We can't listen to Father and then go back to our lifestyle. Must take ownership and make it happen. Father said you're now representatives of me to the world. I just can't do things casually or the way I want. How do I approach people or represent True Parents? My couple has to represent True Parents. When people see us they see True Parents. I felt the time we spent with True Parents that Father wanted us to know him and know his heart and love for members. It must go out to the membership.

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