God is the Parent of All Humanity (Officially Edited Version)

God is the Parent of All Humanity (Officially Edited Version) [Part 2]

Seminars in the spirit world with the Four Religious Founders
February 3- April 11, 2001
Dr. Sang Hun Lee, Presiding
Reporter: Young Soon Kim

Part I: The Secrets of Spirit World (Relationships with Angels) and the Message from Confucius

5) People of the Original Homeland and Fallen People

At the time of creation, God did not create human beings as they are currently. Today, many human beings are living without knowledge of the direction and purpose of life or the standard to which they should be restored. They do not know from whence they came or why they were born. Therefore, they generally pursue physical comforts and material prosperity throughout their life.

From the vantage point of the spirit world, what is the meaning of being a fallen person? Some people are working very hard and do not commit sins. They do not understand why the term, "the fall" exists or why it should apply to them. Often times, people take "the fall" to refer to a life style of corruption, drunkenness and sexual promiscuity. Many of you probably have such a concept.

However, here in the spirit world the fall has a different meaning. Simply speaking, it means that during their immaturity, prior to attaining perfection in the state that God originally intended, the first human beings deviated from the principled track. Because of this deviation, we human beings are descendants of the fall and were born with original sin. Hence, although people here and there may be pure and good, even called saints or virtuous people, human beings have original sin flowing in their veins. Accordingly, the liquidation of this original sin, that is, conversion of the lineage, remains an unfulfilled task.

How can the fallen lineage be converted and the original sin be cleansed? Without accomplishing that, salvation would be impossible. Human beings would never be able to approach God or establish a father-son relationship with Him. The history of divine and human grief would continue indefinitely.

For this reason, in order to resolve this problem, from age to age God has chosen central figures and has been leading the providence of restoration. These efforts have continued for thousands of years. Yet despite these preparations, human beings have remained ignorant of what God was doing. Thus, while leading the providence of restoration, God had to endure bone-breaking pain and tears of indescribable suffering, anxiously awaiting the day of the fulfillment of His will.

During the long, long course of history, God often felt the urge to wipe out all of humankind. Nevertheless, He has been patiently establishing the foundation to restore their fallen lineage. He laid foundations to purify the fallen lineage one after another, and on these foundations He chose central figures. Such has been God's providence of restoration.

From the Bible, we can understand that the process of converting the lineage in order to receive Jesus took place over many generations. After long preparations to receive the Messiah, God sent Jesus to complete the providence of salvation by which humankind would ultimately receive Him, but Jesus died on the cross. Through Jesus' sacrifice God could save humanity only spiritually, and we have had to wait for another central figure to come. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the man God sent to us after long ages of preparations to purify our lineage. You see, in order for us fallen people to be restored from the original sin, our lineage has to be changed. Reverend Moon is the instrument for this transition; through his ministry we can be restored to the originally intended state of human beings.

Unless we are cleansed of the original sin, human beings from the moment of conception are not in their original state. In order for us to be cleansed of the original sin, we should be reborn. The method of rebirth is to receive the marriage Blessing with the Reverend Moon as the officiator. That is the best way to be cleansed of the original sin. This cleansing remains to be done for all humankind. Only after having gone through this cleansing can we personally stand before God and grow as original human beings.

To you on Earth, this message may sound strange and arrogant. However, the four great religious founders who are living in the spirit world with God are walking a path of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. This is not sophistry; it is the truth. After all, did not all new truths sound like sophistry in the beginning? Even so, truth is eternal. Therefore, you should be serious about it. I hope that you will not live in regret by arriving in the spirit world after having taken this lightly or disregarding it.

This is Confucius' sincere request.

February 7, 2001

6) Amazing and Great Truth

The circumstances are remarkably different between the days when I, Confucius, was born and today. Much has changed. Today, most nations have their own president, king, or prime minister, who leads and guides his country and its people. However, these are but external leaders, who are to bring their people and nation together in unity under the necessary organizational structure. They are not internal leaders who can dwell deeply in the hearts of human beings.

In this regard, the time when I was born is not different from today. All the people of my country were unaware of any purpose to live other than mere survival. They hoped only to live while gaining as many benefits as they could from their country's fortune.

However, human beings were not created to live only in the world of external phenomena. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are inclined to pursue a potential latent in themselves and look forward to finding a new master to guide them. Thus in the days when I experienced the pain and suffering of poverty, I came to realize that the purpose for which I was living my life was nothing more than to defeat physical hunger and thirst. I realized that after resolving these problems, people do not gain the happiness that they expect. They seem incessantly to seek a way to bring out the original source of infinite energy that is restless inside them. I recognized that this power was greater than the urge to satisfy one's hunger, and thus there must be a greater truth than that which frees one from external poverty. The ignorant might think that to eat well and sleep well should be sufficient for human beings. Why, then, should they need ethical norms and morality? But I came to realize that our Creator endowed us with something very precious within us, something that does not exist in animals.

People recognize that if they only live according to their physiological instincts, they would be no different from animals. Therefore, I am deeply grateful to God, who endowed us with dignity through our intellect and intelligence that animals, whether two-legged or four-legged, do not have in the same degree. I also could see spiritual power emanating from the eyes of people who cultivated their inner strength, more than from the eyes of those who pursued external strength from their nation's fortune or material progress.

Gaining energy from this experience, I began to search for God, depending on the power of the invisible Being, yet unsure about Him. This was the beginning point of Confucianism. Human beings have an inborn nature to seek for God from their birth, even if they do not know who or what it is they are searching for. They are living with Him and are guided by Him, but are unable to find their Master.

Thus while on the Earth, I taught the people merely ethical norms, ignorant of by whose guidance I was led. From my present vantage point, I cannot help but be solemn before this precious truth.

One day God's bright light shone, and in that sudden bright and illuminating light, although no one told them to, all the people present offered formal bows, humbly standing up and then sitting back down in their original position, with much joy in their faces. Their demeanor was beautiful and mesmerizing beyond description. What surprised me about this is that it was exactly what I tried to teach earthly people during my lifetime. No one has to teach it here. But after witnessing such a beautiful scene, in which everyone demonstrated manners and a style more graceful and lofty than that of my own disciples to whom I taught etiquette and manners, I was extremely ashamed.

Now I know that I taught external things to people without knowing that I myself was empowered by Someone who was the original source of my inner strength. Hence, I confess that I was truly arrogant. Human beings alone are powerless. The truth is that only when people live before the great truth of God, or under His shadow, are they able to return to their original state. All of the precious attributes latent within us were endowed to us at the time of God's creation. I could experience all of these attributes little by little.

As a result of human beings' separation from God, these original attributes could not manifest. On the other hand, once we live with God, even if we do not toil hard within the walls of norms that are difficult to follow, everything is automatically realized. Therefore, I hope that you will not be enslaved by earthly norms.

February 12, 2001

7) Blessings and Misfortunes in Life and Death

Everyone comes to experience blessings and misfortunes in life and death. The essential question is the direction of the original source of "life," "death," "blessing" and "misfortune." Some people can easily overcome misfortune even when facing it constantly, while others cannot escape from worry and anxiety even if they have abundant blessings. During our lifetime, is it possible to be liberated from blessings and misfortunes in life and in death? Our earthly life is bound on all sides by possibilities of blessing and misfortune. Likewise, once we are born we can die at any time.

Let me first reflect upon my own life as I stand at this crossroads. People do not know the purpose of life. They generally pursue a life that is comfortable for their body. There are very few who live with a thought for life after death.

[Dr. Lee] Here, Confucius refreshes his memories of his earthly life. He experienced pain and suffering from poverty, hunger and other difficulties. He did not give a thought for how he would live, nor where he would dwell after his passing. When, after growing old and dying, he passed into the incorporeal world, Confucius could not distinguish whether he was still in the physical world. Perhaps his appearance had somewhat changed. People around him were leading their lives, working hard for something or other. Yet he was unable to sort out his circumstances, and he grew perplexed. Even so, he could not ask questions to this person or that person because due to his pride, he tried to save face.

[Confucius] One day, several days after having set out on a certain road, I happened upon something unusual. Some people dressed in luxurious and fine clothes appeared to me and ordered me to go with them to this place and that place. I was surprised when they guided me to a very flat land where everything moved and spun effortlessly. Each time I went to the place I was asked to go, all of sudden a gate would open so that I could pass through. Then I realized that I was standing alone. No one paid attention to me. People were just immersed with their own work, mindless of someone passing by. I felt as if I were a vagabond, peeping here and there. Then I felt something under my foot and came to a stop. It was like a ball of cotton. I wondered, "What is this?" It quickly flew away into the sky. I was amazed by it and followed it. As I did, something truly mysterious took place: the object that looked like a cotton ball spread in the air and my surroundings became foggy. I could not understand what was going on because I had never experienced such a thing.

Disregarding my pride and concern to save face, I began to ask questions of passers-by: "Where am I? What country is this? I died past age 70, so why am I here?" Over and over I asked people those questions, but no one would answer me clearly. It was extremely frustrating. I was mentally tired. I was also physically tired. I kept wondering why everything was so strange.

Again, several more days passed by. Then, something clicked all of sudden. I encountered a person whose attire I had never seen on Earth, who seemed to come from an exalted place. Wondering whether I was in the place where people come after death, I asked him, "Am I on Earth or in the spirit world?" His response was interesting: "Are you dead or alive?" I answered, "I am not certain." Then he asked me follow him, which I did. It was truly a weird place to which he took me; a restaurant full of people. Although there was no owner, delicious food was served before me. As I desired to sit on the chair, a chair appeared like magic. I was just in shock. It took me many days to adjust to life here.

[Dr. Lee] I came up with the sub-title, "Blessings and Misfortunes in Life and Death" because during earthly life, everyone is to go through various experiences of blessings and misfortunes, and as in life so after death. There is something that everyone should clearly understand. Human beings cannot cultivate themselves to be persons of virtue and character while they are in comfortable situations. They reach the state of virtue and character only by overcoming ordeals. And when they reflect back on their life on Earth, those will be the times they remember.

When you are going through hardships, it is the time to discover yourself. In doing this, you will be able to perfect yourself. Do not be cowardly. When blessings come, keep the blessings with humility. This will be the fruit of your earthly life. The place to which you will come with such fruit is the spirit world to which Confucius refers.

[Confucius] The reason I failed to discover myself was because I was not prepared for life in the spirit world, nor did I have any knowledge of this world. All human beings must go to the spirit world after death. Hence, the original source of all blessings and misfortunes of life and death is the spirit world. And when you are in the physical world, you need to deal with them properly. I hope that when you come to this eternal place you can easily pass through every gate.

[Dr. Lee] Confucius tried not to live a cowardly life on earth, but he failed to prepare for life after death. He could not experience life after death, nor could he educate people about it. People on Earth must bear in mind that another world after death exists for sure. He hopes that they will not wander in the spirit world as he did.

8) A Place Called the Kingdom of Heaven

What is the Kingdom of Heaven to which earthly people refer? Who created the Kingdom of Heaven, and why are all people yearning to go there even though no one has ever been there? During my earthly life, I never heard that I could go to the Kingdom of Heaven if I lived a good life. Yet in my heart, I always heard the echoes of my inner voice. I never believed in God nor did I attend Him. However, the sound of my inner voice and the direction of my mind would not leave me alone.

Where was this coming from? From the moment of birth God gives human beings an intellect, an ability to think. That is a precious original nature and a special talent that is given equally to everyone whether or not they believe in God. How grateful humans should be! The Creator of human beings evenly distributed the original mind to all human beings, regardless of economic status, without any prejudice for educational background or race. He created human beings so that they could live in accordance with their original mind.

The God-given original mind is sometimes clouded, influenced by the social environment. Regardless, this element that lies at the bottom of everyone's inner self dwells on. As the color of pure gold never changes even after passing through fire, the fundamental color of the original mind given us by our Creator never changes. What is it? It is the very foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the original fatherland, our final destination after having lived according to the voice of that mind, the instruction of that mind, and the direction of that mind.

All people on Earth with physical bodies are living as slaves of their own flesh, but even in the midst of worries they strive to live a good life in response to the voice of the mind and its echoes that are occasionally heard. Hence they struggle not to commit sins and crimes. If human beings did not possess such qualities, this world would have become the kingdom of hell, a world far more evil and fearful than presently exists. Therefore, we have hopes and dreams.

What is religion? It is a tool through which we can prepare to settle in the Kingdom of Heaven. It trains us to seek the peace of our spirits and cultivation of our virtue, rather than the comfort of our physical body. During the process of growth, human beings made a mistake and took the wrong path, giving an impression that they drifted away from God. Nonetheless, our Creator instilled a strong bond of heart within us. That strong bond of heart performs various roles as the voice and instruction of the mind; that fundamental bond of heart issues instructions from God. The original mind God instilled within us at the time of creation, tells us, "Even if you leave me, do not live an evil life or commit sins." The original mind is unchanging, as it is God's fundamental attribute and constitutive element. Were the original mind to change or disappear, it would be absolutely impossible for us ever to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then, what is the Kingdom of Heaven anyway? What is it? It is literally a heavenly nation. It is the place where we are to live for eternity, enjoying our original mind and its God-given attributes by following the direction of God's words. We feel peace of mind as long as we live following the voice of the mind. We feel it because the mind brings us peace as it fills us with the heart to live for the sake of others, without any greed or selfishness.

In short, we are endowed with the original mind, through which everyone can grasp the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone who lives according to the direction of the original mind will enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven, while those who cannot escape from their own desires will remain distant from the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, we are to live with God in the original homeland of the Kingdom of Heaven, by cultivating our original mind.

Therefore, I earnestly hope and wish that no earthly person will desert the will of the Creator, our God, who desires us to live together with joy in His garden, dreaming of an eternal ideal world. This is the sincere petition of Confucius to all of you.

February 14, 2001

9) Salvation

From the human viewpoint, salvation is rooted in our desire to be saved. In other words, it means asking someone to help us. Salvation is necessary for both believers and nonbelievers. Then why did the term, salvation, come into being? On Earth, I was not a believer in religion. It doesn't mean that I didn't have any sense of the need for salvation; indeed, I always felt that human beings alone are inadequate, that they lack something and are imperfect and incomplete. Thus, although I did not live a life of religious faith, I did desire for my empty heart to be filled. And whenever my wishes were not fulfilled, in view of my limited self, I sought for that Being of infinite value, even without knowing what or who He was. In my heart I always had a latent desire and dream to reach such a Being.

Again, the meaning of "salvation" is to ask someone for help in the midst of hardship. Yet even without pausing to define salvation, there is no one who can say with confidence that he has everything necessary, and therefore is in need of nothing more. All human beings live with the desire and aspiration for something else at the bottom of their heart. Still they pretend that they are confident and that they have everything they need.

However, when people are faced with a crisis, knowing their own limitations, they discover their original mind that desires to depend ultimately upon someone else. Why do human beings have such an original mind, and why do they have an element that desires to depend on someone? Why are they at the root unable to live on their own? Everyone seems to have such a nature. It is said that God created human beings that they might wonder: "Why did God create us in such a way?" We need to think upon this point.

When patients are hospitalized, they need a doctor's care. They no longer need it once they are fully recovered and healthy. Likewise, why do we need salvation? We need salvation because we have a problem and need help. What is the help that we need?

Examining human nature, we see that everyone has a concept about salvation. It is a driving force that compels us to pursue the Absolute Being. Although everyone has the nature to seek God, why can we not go there? Why can we not satisfy that yearning? It is because we have ancestors who during their immaturity deviated into a realm forbidden by God.

As a result of this fundamental deviation of the first human ancestors, we, their descendants, were born in sin. We cannot directly go to God or stand before Him until we cleanse our first ancestors' fundamental sin. But we of our own power cannot set the conditions necessary to resolve our ancestors' fundamental sin. A central figure anointed by God must appear and cleanse the fundamental sin committed by our first ancestors. That particular central figure is the one chosen by God, the one whose blood lineage was purified through generations of human ancestors. That figure should set numerous indemnity conditions for the sake of returning us to the original condition from which our first human ancestors deviated. By setting indemnity conditions, he can stand before God in the position of Adam prior to the fall. From that position, he should bring us back into God's lineage, saving us from the sins of all humanity. On that foundation, he can build God's nation, crown God as the King, and lead us to God so that we all can live with God, together attending Him for eternity.

Through his officiating at the Blessing of God, humanity comes to stand on the side of God's eternal lineage. That Blessing is the ultimate salvation for humankind. Our ancestors' wrongdoing degraded us to a fallen position. Returning to God's lineage saves us. Then, who is the specific figure anointed by God to bring us into the position of salvation? It is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He is the Messiah for all humanity, the Second Coming of Christ.

February 16, 2001

10) The Messiah and Savior

The terms Messiah and Savior are not unfamiliar to earthly people. We human beings are constantly striving to reach perfection while living in the flesh on the Earth. However, we cannot progress or develop without a good leader. The progress or development to which I refer here is not that determined by external standards, but is rooted in the internal purpose and goal of reaching perfection.

As was already discussed and revealed, we human beings were with the original sin from the moment of our conception. Therefore, God's standard is an internal one, the standard of having returned to the original state, without original sin. At this point, we must clearly understand our own reality as individuals. You might put the question as follows: "Although I did not commit sins, although I always lived a life of righteousness, although my parents made special conditions all their lives and lived a life of service and sacrifice for the sake of others, and I was born from such parents, why was I born with the original sin?" These are common questions for many people who feel that the fallen state is unfair.

However, our fallen status is not the result of the sins of individuals, but is the result of the fallen ancestral lineage in which we were born. To put it more simply, it is the original sin, caused by the fall of Adam and Eve, that gave rise to the fallen lineage out of which were born all of their descendants. It is unfortunate and even unfair in a sense, but we are their descendants; hence we have inherited the original sin. It might be difficult for some people to understand this. These issues are explained in detail in the chapter entitled The Human Fall in Exposition of the Divine Principle, and I hope that you will refer to that.

If your direct ancestors committed sin, it is only natural for you, their descendant, to make restitution for it. Accordingly, it is natural for all humanity to pay the price for the sin committed by our first ancestors, Adam and Eve. Therefore, in order for us to correct our fallen lineage, we must find a way to make a breakthrough.

This is the seed of sins and crimes. Throughout history, no one could eliminate it. Hence, evil prospered. The lineage of sin has multiplied all over the world. During all this time, what has God been doing? Has He only been watching? Right here, we need to understand God. We need to fathom His heart. From generation to generation, God intended to realize His dream of building the ideal world through central figures chosen by Him for the providence of restoration. However, time after time the people failed, especially at the time of Jesus. The Israelites had no faith in him and Jesus had to die on the cross. Thereafter, time flew by, with the people's response to other central figures also not meeting God's expectations.

When God saw His people dying like insects, He had to tolerate it with sighs and tears. In the meantime, people whom He could not call His children continued to multiply, creating human history and the world as we have it today. Such has been the reality.

Nevertheless, even with the flow of time God's purpose of creation cannot change. It must be fulfilled no matter what. Therefore, with every setback God looked for another chance to set up yet another central figure. His hope has been that sooner or later sinful human history will come to an end and the Last Days will arrive. For that day to come, the Savior and the Messiah whom God needs and whom God finds must come to this Earth to conclude the history of sin and give humanity rebirth. This will return us to the original state, free from the original sin rooted in the fallen blood lineage.

Who is the Messiah, the Savior? He is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Here in the spirit world, although invisible to earthly people, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and Socrates are gathering together every day. They are participating in a seminar, carefully studying the Divine Principle revealed by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. They sometimes focus on reading it many times, thoroughly. While studying, they exclaim with astonishment how its incredible contents reveal the heavenly secrets so clearly. And then they thank Reverend Moon.

Earthly people cannot be cleansed from the original sin by sitting around doing nothing and then meeting the Messiah. You need to study the Divine Principle carefully, together with many other books. Read them and study them. Believers and nonbelievers alike need to study. Religious people will not easily accept it. If you feel challenged by this, stay home, fast and pray about who Reverend Moon is. Otherwise, grief without solace will envelope you at the end of your brief life on Earth, but it will be too late. That is the principle and the path of the principle. No one will take responsibility for you unless you rouse yourself from the shell of your old-fashioned life of faith. Even if you have to abandon everything, think of only one being, God. God did not create religions and denominations. He did not create different races. We all are of the same lineage and are God's children. Therefore, whether black, white or yellow, we all are the same tribe, and Protestantism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Islam and so forth should belong to God.

God's will is that we live as one family with all races under the same roof, while attending God as our Parent. That is why Reverend Sun Myung Moon is conducting marriage Blessing ceremonies that transcend race and religion, officiating on behalf of God.

We earthly people should not remain as spectators, but we should participate in the beautiful Blessing procession that is surging forward toward God's ideal world, and reach the goal of becoming God's true children without the original sin. This I wish and hope for all of you.

February 20, 2001

Part II: Questions of Dr. Sang Hun Lee to Confucius

1. What is your impression after listening to the lectures on the Divine Principle?

[Confucius] When I listened to lectures on the Divine Principle for the first time, I was not aware of changes in my heart or mind. I just attended the lectures to be courteous to the person who made the request to me. Then I was deeply moved by the lecturer's passionate and sincere attitude and manners. That is, in the beginning, I decided to listen to the lectures due to my trust in the character of lecturers rather than my interest in its contents. Mostly I heard lectures from Dr. Sang Hun Lee and Mr. Hyo Won Eu, and I also attended some lectures given by Reverend Il Sup Eom who recently arrived here in the spirit world. I also heard lectures from some others.

From the beginning I was very attracted to the Principle of Creation. I wondered who could have systematized and organized the principles of all creation so well. When I heard the lectures on the fall of the first human ancestors, I was impressed to a degree that I would never have expected. Every time a lecture was finished, I expressed the state of my struggling heart by marking a circle, a triangle, or an X.

Yet the Divine Principle is profound and mysterious. When I would hear the next lecture, my mark on the previous one changed into a circle, because each subsequent lecture provided the answers to my questions from the previous one. Sometimes while listening, I wondered whether the Principle lectures had a certain magical power, because as time passed they stimulated my heart like a fire. Especially when hearing the lectures on the coming of the Messiah and the purpose of his return, I was so saddened.

As I reflected upon the way humankind prolonged human history due to their ignorance, my heart hurt with the thought that we are truly sinners who cannot lift up our heads before God. That is not all. When I realized that God, who should lead the dispensation of restoration, has such a grieving heart, I was so ashamed of myself that I just wanted to hide myself from God. After I heard lectures from both Mr. Hyo Won Eu and Dr. Sang Hun Lee, in the face of this awesome and unbelievable truth and reality, I had an experience in which my brain was strongly hit by something, as if I were hearing a noise. The lecturers went on to explain how human history has parallels and emphasized the importance of the return of the Messiah, explaining its purpose and reasons.

They continued to teach us through question and answer sessions, expecting us to come up with the answers ourselves. However, not one of us dared open his mouth. We were first shocked by the notion that providentially, someone must come who can save humankind. We just maintained a heavy silence while holding the serious yet unspoken question as to who that person could be. Jesus first broke the silence and spoke quietly but seriously, "That person is none other than the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He should be the Messiah and Savior of all humanity."

In the following lecture, Mr. Eu shared his experiences of great discomfort and troubles during his earthly life. He said that after listening to the lectures on the Divine Principle, he resolved to live and die for Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and with that determination he had taught the Divine Principle. He said that what he feels most painful about after coming to the spirit world is that he was not filial enough to Reverend Moon. When he was hungry, he also made Reverend Moon go hungry, and when he himself was undergoing difficulties, he made Reverend Moon experience the same hardships. Continuing, he said that he cannot erase the memories of his failures to be a filial son attending Reverend Moon as his parent, and he shed many tears. He added that it would be a great honor and glory for him to be given another chance to be a filial son upon the arrival of Reverend Moon to the spirit world. His sharing about this made the atmosphere very serious.

Then Dr. Sang Hun Lee spoke. According to him, in the early days of his encounter with Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Dr. Lee used to address him alternately using the title "Father" and "Teacher." When Dr. Lee called him "Teacher," he felt remorse and called him "Father." When I heard him say "Father," I felt tears welling up inside. Unable to control it, my feelings exploded and I began sobbing. With that, the atmosphere became very heavy and serious. I wondered about the life of Dr. Sang Hun Lee, who is so accustomed to call Reverend Moon "Father."

Then I became very curious about Reverend Moon, who had raised Dr. Lee to be such a dedicated follower with such deep love for him. Simply speaking, my honest feelings overall are that I would also like to do my best to be like Dr. Sang Hun Lee, by deeply and carefully studying and analyzing the Divine Principle. I have not yet reached the level of Dr. Lee in his love for Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whom he knows as his father to his bone marrow.

2. What part of the Divine Principle most impressed you?

The Divine Principle is not just another of the many books that people can read for the cultivation of their hearts and minds. Nor are the terms in that book familiar to people. Yet its contents are very moving. However, what was most moving to me was the point that God is the Parent of all humankind, and how I came to understand His heart and circumstances.

Due to the deviation of humankind, God could not fulfill His original plan. Knowing God's situation, the fact that He has been leading the providence of restoration, is too painful for me. I am overwhelmed beyond description by the fact that countless people had to come and go since the creation, during a long, long course of waiting until God could restore His children who left Him. I feel the same way over the fact that no one knew His situation throughout the many thousands of years, and that He had to endure with incredible tension and anxiety whenever a providential figure was chosen. As the Parent of humankind, both sinful and good human beings are equally His children. If so, how aching it must have been for God, who has anxiously awaited His children's return? Further, since the fall of Archangel, sins have multiplied astronomically. Nevertheless, how must God have felt when He had to remain helpless, unable to intervene? How could He ever have tolerated such indignation and grief? Even thinking of it makes my heart throb.

However, we are now in the Last Days, and a new era has been proclaimed. The archangel Lucifer has returned to his original position. Now the head of the providence of restoration is God Himself, and He is indeed the Commander and the King of all humanity. Now what remains for us is to finish everything that is yet undone, to live with God, to attend God as our Parent, and to make a plan for the future.

Now we are standing in the correct position, no longer in a position where we need to be restored. How lucky we are to be chosen for that position! What a good environment we are now in! We should erase all anger, grudges and grievances. Putting those behind us, we should attend God, who has been living with all manner of difficult feelings, and make Him happy. For this, we should discuss all matters with God all the time and live a life in which we can naturally experience that He is our Parent.

God does not ask for much. All He wants is for us to maintain the relationship of parent and child. God desires to live together and experience joy together with His children. When His children eat, God wants to join them. If His children eat porridge, God wants to eat it too. If His children are not feeling well or are sad, God wants to be there with them, ready to discuss things with the object partners of His heart. That is the very parent-child relationship. When the parents are away from home, their children wait for them to return. When the children have gone to work, their parents wait for their return. It is a normal life, but such a relationship of heart is very important and precious. It is this relationship of heart that was disconnected and needs to be restored. Now we must protect it and firmly keep it.

At this point, however, we must remember the most important thing. Even if the relationship between God and human beings has been restored, many thousands of years of sinful history have already passed. As remnants of that long history, there still remain many evil people with sins and crimes, with attitudes of narrow denominationalism, and with remnants of the nature of the fallen archangel. We must understand this. When worms are eating our flowers or vegetables, we need to apply an organic pesticide. Otherwise, we will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the flowers or enjoy fresh vegetables. We should do that job ourselves. What should we do? We should become good caretakers, clearly knowing what portion is to be cut, what portion is to be tied down and so forth. If good plants are mixed with weeds, they will become infested with weeds. So we should not mix with evil people, just as good plants should not be harmed and made unwholesome by worms. No matter what, we should protect and keep our position straight. We should never present a scattered or loose appearance in front of God.

When we do this, those who cling to their separate religion or race and those with remnants of the angelic nature will be restored, and our eternal God will settle as our Parent. That is the day when true peace will reign for all humanity and God's world will be realized.

Dear earthly people, can you do it? Followers of Confucianism, can you do it? Let us resolve and pledge together for this purpose. Let us stand on the frontline to build God's nation. Let us shout cheers of victory for our eternal God, our Parent, at the top of our lungs, so that all remnants of evil will run away from those voices and echoes exalting God. God is our Parent! God is my Father! God is my Mother! All hail!

Heavenly Father, please listen to these echoes of Confucius. Amen, Amen, Amen.

February 24, 2001

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