Seminars In the Spirit World With the Four Religious Founders

By Sang Hun Lee - Channeled by Young Soon Kim

Seminars in the spirit world with the Four Religious Founders [Part 1]

February 3 - April 11, 2001
Dr. Sang Hun Lee, Presiding
Reporter: Young Soon Kim


To our Christian Family and all Friends in Faith,

The text that is contained within these pages is a gift from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to you for your prayer and contemplation. It is likely that you will find many of the ideas or thoughts expressed quite challenging in terms of conventional understanding.

However, Jesus told us in John 16:12-13, "I have yet many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth...."

Also, the sources of the revelations are said to be the founders of the great religions of the world. Many have considered non-Christian religions as having little to do with God.

Yet Jesus said, in John 10:16: "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold..."

In his newly published book entitled The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ, Rev. Sun Myung Moon states, "There have been in human history many saints, many religious geniuses, and many wise men. But no one else could play the role of Jesus, who alone brings us to the Father. This is because he came in a stainless, sinless position which no one else has. He is the only channel to reach God. Though Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed were all religious saints, they did not have the same relationship with God that Jesus had. Therefore, the birth of Jesus as the messiah was the day of hope for all humankind." (The New messiah and the Formula of God in History, February 21, 1972)

Father Moon's position on Jesus as Lord and Savior is founded upon his personal faith in and experience with Jesus. Yet he tells us that it was Jesus who guided him to have an open heart for all the religions of the world!

As we seek to unify the Body of Christ and bring unity among all faiths, we pray that you may be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we, as the Christian family, will have such love as to fulfill Jesus prayer in John 17 - "That ALL may be one." That we might be like Jesus and manifest such love as to bring unity and understanding to all the religions of the world.

With this thought in mind, please consider the following revelations.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Michael Jenkins President Family Federation For World Peace and Unification, U.S.A.


The deep yellow forsythia and pink azaleas blooming around me make me realize that it is indeed springtime.

I like sunlight because it is bright, but I like the pale moonlight even more, because I can share my heart with it.

What lies behind the harmony and intricacy of nature? Where does it begin and where does it end? O God, who gave us a world so mysterious that no matter how much we try we can never fully discover it, I have nothing to say to you but, "Thank you," simply, "Thank you!"

I am deeply touched by the warm love of Jesus, the compassion of Buddha, the proper etiquette of Confucius, the absolute faith of Mohammed, the intelligence of Socrates, and Saint Augustine's passion and ambition for God. I am indeed inspired by their pledge and determination to live in the attendance of God as their Parent, offering to him all of their thoughts and truths. As I received and recorded the messages from these great religious founders in the spirit world, I wished that earthly people could resemble them in their unity of heart and mind, in their humble acceptance of the truths from other religions, and in their love for one another transcending religions and denominations.

Young Soon Kim April 11, 2001


Although human beings sent the Apollo rocket to the moon, even if the knowledge and intelligence of all scientists in the world were mobilized, they by themselves could not affect the harmony of any part of God's creation nor could they fully analyze it. If anyone thought that he could reveal the full divinity and infinite power of God, he would be doing nothing but revealing his own pride and ignorance. It is better to just believe in Him, even if it is difficult to believe from a scientific viewpoint.

It is certain that many human beings are amazed at the divine nature of God as it is revealed by looking at the changes and mysteries of nature alone. But earthly people can never understand God as He can be fathomed in the spirit world. Thus, I could not help but bond with four great religious founders, who during their earthly lives personally conducted God's providence. It is so because as I observed them in the seminar hall, I more often witnessed the splendid procession of God's love than saw them keeping their religious posts representing their own religion. Humble to God's call, they made great efforts to change themselves.

They will remain always the founders and representatives of the major religions, but ever since they came to understand the fundamental providence of God, they have paid attention to the truths of other religions rather than insisting on their own views. This attitude in them deeply moved me. Whenever God enveloped us with His splendid jewels of light, we smiled at each other with loving and peaceful faces.

As I was leading this gathering, I experienced something infinitely painful in my heart, and thought: "If only earthly people could witness these scenes and experience them, then God and True Parents could restore this world much more quickly."

Each of these religious founders had experiences so moving, they rapidly progressed and clearly understood God's current providential purposes. And whenever they had time, they visited friends from other religions. Such scenes were so beautiful.

Their reflections were similar to each other: "I think that I can understand the heart of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is toiling so hard on Earth for the sake of world peace."

Now, the four religious founders, along with Socrates and St. Augustine who also attended the seminars, are pursuing the same direction; it is the direction of the providence of God and True Parents. They try not to show their own distinctive characteristics and are making shared efforts to be united in one direction. And they are earnestly praying that the direction of earthly people will also be one.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee from the spirit world

Table of Contents

Preface 1: From Young Soon Kim, the Reporter Preface 2: From Dr. Sang Hun Lee

Part I: The Secrets of Spirit World (Relationships with Angels) and the Message from Confucius

1) Object Partners of Angels
2) The Rise and Fall of Human Beings
3) God and Human Beings
4) Earthly People Who Are better Than Confucius
5) People of the Original Homeland and Fallen People
6) Amazing and Great Truth
7) Blessings and Misfortunes in Life and Death
8) A Place Called the Kingdom of Heaven
9) Salvation
10) The Messiah and Savior

Part II: Questions of Dr. Sang Hun Lee to Confucius

1) What is your impression after listening to the lectures on the Divine Principle?
2) What part of the Divine Principle most impressed you?
3) What part of the Divine Principle is incomprehensible or problematic to you?
4) What is your reflection on the Second Coming?
5) As the founder of Confucianism, what do you think of the Divine Principle?
6) How would you like to introduce the Divine Principle to your followers?
7) What is your impression of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and what is your understanding about him?
8) What are your plans for the future?
9) What would you like to tell earthly people?
10) What are your feelings after the blessing?
11) What part of the Divine Principle would you most like to lecture?
12) What do you think about the many books that you wrote on the Earth?
13) What would you like to do if you could return to Earth?

Part III: Messages from the Principals at the Seminar

1) Jesus' Message to Christians and All People on Earth
2) The Buddha's Message to Buddhists and Believers in Other Religions
3) Confucius' Message to Confuciunists and All People on Earth
4) Muhammad's Message for Muslims and People on Earth
5) Message of Socrates to Intellectuals
6) Saint Augustine's Message to Christians and Other Religious Believers

Part I: The Secrets of Spirit World (Relationships with Angels) and the Message from Confucius

1) Angels' object partners

At the time of creation, God created all things to have dual characteristics, subject and object. Among all creation, He created Adam as the representative of all things, but He was not pleased with Adam being alone. Only after creating Eve as Adam's object partner was He pleased. All things were created to resemble the nature of God who exists in dual characteristics.

That is why in the entire world of creation, there is nothing that exists alone. After creating human beings as the highest beings in creation, God thought of how He could bring them to the highest position, protecting and caring for them. To accomplish this purpose, He created angels. That is why He created angels to be inseparable from human beings, to always be around them and protect them as if they were their walls. When considering that all things were created in pairs, resembling the dual characteristics of God, who are to be the object partners of male angels? I am sure we all ask this question.

After creating Adam, God created Eve. And as was already mentioned, if angels are male, you would naturally wonder whether God created female angels as well. God originally created angels as servants who run errands for human beings. He did not create female angels yet. It is because male angels, created with the purpose of protecting human beings, could not focus on fulfilling their mission had they lived with their object partner female angels prior to God's children, human beings, establishing their family. God created Adam and Eve with a desire and expectation that they could establish a four-position foundation and lead a beautiful life. Would He allow angels, who were in the position of servants, to live with their object partners prior to the perfection of His children?

Simply speaking, God has not created the object partners of the angels yet. Then, should angels forever live alone as males?

No, they should not. As soon as human beings could come together through the blessing, having reached the standard of maturity, the angels would have been brought together with their female object partners. Then, when would that have been, and who is to serve as the object partners of male angels?

God has been suffering as if He were a sinner until now, although He is not, and He has not been able to manifest Himself to His full capacity although He is the Creator of all things. Likewise, although He is the King of light, He has been enduring in darkness, unable to illuminate the whole world in His light. Until the arrival of the day of liberation, He could not experience peace in His heart nor could he fully manifest His light.

The day of God's emancipation arrived only when He could be crowned as the King of Kings, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with the fall of Lucifer. Now, Lucifer is returned to his original position and God is also crowned as the King. That took place on January 13, 2001. Through this, He is finally returned to the precious position, the pinnacle of Heaven and Earth.

Now, all human beings truly have entered a new era and received the precious master. Therefore, although it is not apparent to the external eyes, the world has definitely changed since the coronation of God's kingship on January 13, 2001. Human beings finally are liberated totally from all boundaries created by sin and crimes. Most intellectuals do not know anything about the significance of that cosmic event. They have no idea of the incredible beginning of the new Heaven and Earth. The generation of sin and crimes is totally gone from human beings. Reverend Sun Myung Moon on Earth liquidated the history of darkness. On the highways and byways of human history, God has been waiting for the arrival of this day, which was brought into reality by Reverend Moon.

Thus far, numerous historical figures came and went, but no one could even imagine freeing God from the miasma of the human history of darkness. Other than Messiah, who could ever know that such a secret of Heaven was hidden within the history of darkness? On the day of God's coronation, you could imagine how joyful He was. Dear earthly people, who cannot see this with your physical eyes! Even if it were merely a fantasy, what a happy day it would be! What lessons do the records of the Bible teach us? It states that in the last days, the sun and moon will lose their light, the stars will fall, human beings will be judged with fire, and so forth.

A new era refers to the time God can enter a realm of total liberation. On the other hand, to human beings, it is an incomparably precious gift. And the new era is a time we can live with God in joy and happiness, attending Him as the True Parent of all humanity. It is the time when the original world that He intended to create will begin. Thus, for human beings, what day could be more joyful than this day? January 13, 2001 was the day when, representing all humankind, the Messiah attended God as the True Parent of entire humankind.

Then, at this point, what should God do with the angels who have been serving human beings, together in joy or in pain, during the course of His providence of restoration? God would have to treat them with benevolence and realize His original ideal for them. Then, who are to be the object partners of male angels?

Originally, human beings were to command angels, having dominion over them. That is, angels were to have the position of object partners to human beings. Since God created them as ministering spirits or servants for His children, human beings, the object partners of those male angels were not to be determined by God, but by human beings. And since God has been crowned as the King, along with His liberation the angels' blessing ceremony should be held.

During the course of God's providence that has been led by True Parents, numerous angels have been waiting for such a day. Their object partners also have been waiting for such a day, along with numerous spirits who came from the Earth. Among them there are good spirits, but some are evil spirits. And in Spirit World as well, there are good angels and evil angels. Therefore, True Parents should conduct the blessing ceremony in accordance with the progress of God's providence on Earth. Only True Parents can make all the decisions connected with it.

Now, according to the providence led by the Messiah in this new age of the Completed Testament, all humankind has entered fully a time to eliminate the evil seeds sown by Lucifer. Thus the evil lineage should be also cleansed, fulfilling the biblical verses: "New wine should be put into new wineskins." Therefore, you must keep the significance of the Completed Testament Age deep in your heart and reflect upon the teachings of the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. By doing so, I hope that you will set a clear direction to your life. We are now living in the Completed Testament Age.

Think of this once again, and examine your position. Think again of the relationship between your life and eternal life in Spirit World, and how you should live on Earth.


2) The Rise and Fall of Human Beings

A human being's earthly life passes by in the blink of an eye. People's lives vary; some live a happy life, others a miserable life. Regardless of how they lived, their life span is nothing but a brief moment in eternity.

It may seem that a person's earthly position-some advancing, others declining-has little to do with that particular individual, but it is not so. Human beings and all things in the universe are bound by an inseparable and vital relationship. Accordingly, moment by moment during my earthly life, even I, Confucius, was indebted to all things in my surroundings-sometimes more, sometimes less.

From the time a human being is born from his mother's womb, why is he dependent upon others, unable to live alone from the moment of his birth? Where do human beings come from, and to where do they return? We need to reflect upon these questions. Since human beings are born without thinking about the meaning of their life, they tend to live without being serious about it. More than a few people live this way.

People in the world call me a religious founder. During my earthly life, I pondered about the meaning of human life. Especially, I pondered about the morals and ethics of human life. As a result, I realized that I am powerless and finite. I also realized that there are various realms that are beyond my ability to reach. In other words, I realized that there are worlds that human beings cannot fully grasp. I even experienced it myself. The invisible God was for me the ineffable being par excellence.

I, Confucius, lived on Earth several thousand years ago. Here in the intangible world, where people in the physical body cannot dwell, I came to encounter God whom I yearned to see so earnestly while on Earth. Thereafter, I came to discover and experience an incredible new truth. Ever since then, I have felt so unworthy of the title "religious founder" that is given me by people on the Earth that I wanted to hide my identity from Him.

God is the Master of human beings' rise and fall. From Him, I came to learn what to teach, what to learn, and what to observe. On Earth I straitened my life by morals and ethics, always striving to maintain them, spinning like a whirlpool within their boundaries. Even in the midst of such a life, there were limits beyond which I could not move and problems I could not resolve by myself.

However, my encounter with God here freed me from all that. Standing before God, the norms that bound me on Earth were no longer necessary, nor did I need to observe any boundaries. I did not feel any limits or limitations, nor did I need anyone else's involvement to accomplish my ends. As the arrow of a compass automatically points north, I automatically came to live a free and peaceful life in complete accordance with Heavenly laws. Looking back, I see that on Earth I lived in a prison of manifold norms. It was like I was incarcerated in a prison without steel bars.

That is why the rise and fall of human beings is deeply related to God. I believe that those who know God's fundamental attributes and who walk with Him do not need strict rules or walls, to be observed out of fear. Not even once has God taught me how to rise, how to fall, or how to diminish myself. Nonetheless, once we are near God, we are bound to live in accordance with heavenly law. Then we transcend any concerns about advancing, declining or diminishing.

It is very hard for me explain this to people who have a physical body. Even though it may seem incomprehensible to you, I cannot help but convey this to earthly people. Although I have the title "religious founder," I cannot help but obey the great new truth in the spirit world.

Who is God? Human beings are powerless and helpless before God, who possesses such an incredibly great truth. Yet, they should know that God is the Master and Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth, and, most importantly, He is the Parent of all humankind. They should study about this. If human beings do not know that God is their Parent, how can they ever understand His great truth? Again, why is it crucial for humans to know that God is their Parent? It is because then they will attend Him naturally and spontaneously as their Parent. Then, from the moment that they attend God, they will be freed in mind and liberated from the boundaries of boring and frustrating norms. Therefore, the most urgent, desperate and ultimate task for us human beings is to clearly understand who God is.

February 3, 2001

3) God and Human Beings

When I was living on Earth, there was nothing that I took lightly. I took everything seriously, organized it systematically, had control over it, and executed the plans upon which I had thoroughly reflected. It was not easy to live such a life. Above all, I did not neglect an understanding of the principles of all things. I cultivated and controlled myself. And since I fulfilled my plans without fail, I did not fall behind others. I particularly focused on controlling myself in order to cultivate my character and virtue. Perhaps, that is why people in the world regard me as a great teacher.

However, I cannot help but feel ashamed and inadequate before God. When reflecting upon my life on Earth, I feel empty. Had we human beings come to the intangible spirit world after having known God well and lived a life of attending Him, we could have come before Him as His children, with pride in ourselves. We would never have experienced any awkwardness in the parent-child relationship we have with Him.

However, during my earthly life in the body, the material world and visible reality seemed larger and more important than God. Hence, I failed to see the invisible God as my parent. In the winter when heavy snows come with gusts of wind, the cold weather is painful to our body. We human beings hurry to find a place to protect our body from the cold. Yet if we knew the reality of God, we would give priority to saving our spirit, disregarding even that we might be freezing to death.

Most of people make haste to look after their physical life. If due to his freezing to death, the physiological functions of a human being cease, his body will return to the dust. However, we should realize that the spirit that enveloped his physical body lives forever in the spirit world. As a result, it should be more natural for us to hasten to cure our spiritual disease than to be concerned for our body trembling in the blizzard. Yet we human beings have tended to disregard our own spiritual life.

God once asked me the following question: "When you lived on Earth, did you ever attend God as your Parent?" Then He made the following statement: "You should have refused the title of a Sage."

Sitting there beside God, for a while I was extremely perplexed. I then understood that although I taught the proper norms for human beings, I undoubtedly failed to teach the fundamental principles of the universe. I introduced some of those principles, but with vagueness and ambiguity. I should have revealed the relationship between God and human beings clearly. Since God is the Parent of human beings, I should have taught the norms of human beings' life in attending Him. Yet, without understanding these things, I only focused on human beings and their norms.

Imagine that in a family, there was an elder brother who taught his younger siblings the proper etiquette and norms of human behavior, helping them grow to be individuals of character and virtue, but not teaching them how to attend their parents. Instead he kept their parents in a back room. It will be difficult for that elder son to have the title of a filial son before his parents. Since he put himself in the position of a parent, not an elder son, what else can be said other than that he committed a great impiety before his parents? How would you on Earth think of this?

Who is God? Who are human beings? If you think: "God is God, and human beings are human beings," you are being completely impious to God. You are deeply saddening Him. God is not only the Master of all creation and the Creator of human beings; He is also our Parent.

Then, who are human beings? Who is this individual, "I"? I am an entity that stands in the position of a child of God. The relationship between God and myself is a parent-child relationship. A parent-child relationship is destined to be inseparable. On Earth, whether your parents are good looking or ugly, whether they are wealthy or poor, well learned or simple, is it not natural for you to attend them as your parents? No matter how troublesome or difficult, you must honor your parents. As their children, you must regard them in the position of your parents. That is the appropriate duty of children. Human beings everywhere and at all times regard this as a commonplace.

If that is the case in your relationship to your physical parents, how much more should it be like this in your relationship with God, who is the Creator and Master of all things? It should be indisputable that you must attend Him as your Parent.

During his earthly life, Confucius taught people that the relationship between a parent and a son should be close, that the relationship between a king and a loyal subject should be based on righteousness, and so forth. However, he did not clearly teach that the relationship between God and human beings should be that of parent and child.

Can we say it is too difficult for human beings to attend God? To honor God is the first and foremost norm and the greatest human virtue. Human beings should not attend God casually. Now that we have finally found our eternal Parent, God, we should live a life of attending Him. We should attend Him as our Parent with all our heart and mind, and make it our aim to please Him. We should bring Him to a warm place in the winter, to a cool place in summer, to sit on the green grass in the spring, and to a field full of ripened crops in the autumn. We should resolve firmly to do this. People with such a determination and commitment will be the true people of the Completed Testament Age. If you attend God with all of your heart and soul, when you encounter God in the eternal intangible world He will welcome you, calling, "My beloved child, I'm so happy you have arrived!"

God is the Parent of all humanity, and we are God's children. We must keep this in mind. I confess that I made an irrevocable mistake of impiety before God during my life on Earth, and with a heart to ask for His forgiveness, I am sending this message to the Earth.

February 4, 2001

4) Earthly People Who Are Better Than Confucius

To be born at an auspicious time is a great blessing. I was told that my parents made special conditions with sincere effort to give birth to me. However, despite such endeavors, I was born in an environment in which it was hard for me to benefit from my family or my country. My father passed away before I was grown, and it is well known that my mother's family declined financially and she suffered great poverty. I mention the circumstances of my family and my country of Lu because I believe that it is essential for earthly people to understand my background.

On the other hand, one can say that my family background and national environment set the stage well for me to be guided to become the Confucius that history knows. In other words, due to the conditions of my time, my relationship to God became as close as a son. As a result of growing up in a difficult environment occasioned by my father's early death, I developed the character to never give up regardless of the ordeals I faced. I thoroughly pursued my search for the fundamental nature of life as a human being. I developed my habit of being courageous before injustice, boldly dealing with unrighteousness and establishing norms that were in accordance with Heavenly principles. And I vigorously cultivated myself to align my life with these norms.

However, since I did not clearly understand the fundamental direction of life itself, my teachings confined people within the limited boundary of norms and did not point out how they could be liberated from them.

Today there are many religions and denominations. As one looks into them carefully, one sees that most of their teachings are filled with commandments about what to do and what not to do. However, such commandments seem to have fettered the life of human beings rather than fulfilling their original purpose of helping them. I believe that most of those commandments were made to acknowledge the existence of God or other God-like beings and to guide people toward bettering their life. It seems that they were, in a certain sense, expressions of the human struggle to survive in the limited space of the earthly world.

In the eternal and unlimited world of God, such fearful and old-fashioned commandments are not needed. God does not restrict or tie down human beings, whom He dearly loves, with such commandments as if with a trap. Since human beings are His children, if they live in His bosom sharing joy together, they automatically will be free and happy. People should live experiencing Heaven and Earth in the freedom of their minds. Yet in this world, they are living within the boundaries set by commandments and norms. From the vantage point of living here in the spirit world, I regard such a restricted life to be empty. For this reason, I feel so burdened by the title of Sage. How beautiful, rather, it is to be called a child of God!

What benefit is it to be living in an outwardly good environment? A material life of abundance may seem necessary during life on Earth, but it is rather a burden and even damaging to life in the invisible world where God dwells. Here, "a good environment" does not mean a place of abundance and material prosperity, but rather a circumstance in which God can impart to us the realization that He is our Parent.

I, Confucius, came to this world after having stayed momentarily on Earth about 2,500 years ago. I lived on earth for 70 years, so people might not understand why I say it was only momentary. I say it because from the perspective of eternity a period of 70 years is very brief. Yet that brief period determined how I came here. You who are dwelling on Earth now can attend God as your Parent and receive His teaching and guidance. It is an incredible blessing of cosmic significance. Nevertheless, earthly people do not understand its value. This is truly heartbreaking. If they understood it, there would be no one who would envy me with my title of Sage.

O you multitude of earthly people! Be thankful for your good fortune to receive fleshly life on earth at such a blessed time. In Confucianism you cannot find anything that teaches you to attend God as your Parent. A truly beautiful, invisible but substantial world where you can live for eternity with your True Parents awaits you. It is beyond comparison with life on earth, which is so limited in space. Yet your life on earth is when you complete the preparations to transition here. Your eternal palace and heaven is in the splendid and exotic incorporeal world. I sincerely request that each of you without exception come to this place and live with God, attending Him as your Parent.

Actually, the fact that we human beings are to live in the attendance of God as our Parent is not a commandment, nor a norm, nor a trap. As parents and children live together on Earth, God desires to live with all humanity as one family, talking together, eating together, sleeping together, and so forth. If human beings can do that today, in Paradise they will find eternal happiness even by just looking at the eyes of God.

Human beings today on Earth live in circumstances far better than the environment at the time of Confucius. You enjoy freedom and happiness. While you are grateful for such a precious and valuable life on Earth, I earnestly request that you do your best to attend God as your eternal Parent.

February 7, 2001

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