STF Handbook 2004

STF National Parent Advisory Board of the STF Parents Association

Job Descriptions of Board Members and Parent Liaisons


The Chairperson represents the STF Staff to the National Parent Advisory Board. The Chairperson facilitates communication among Advisory Board members and brings concerns and recommendations of the STF Staff to the Board. The chairperson also brings the recommendations for policy and concerns gathered by the Advisory Board to the STF staff.

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Members are parents who subscribe to the vision of the STF program and promote it. Selection is by the nomination of an active Board member subject to the final approval of the STF Leadership. Board size ranges from eight to ten members. One Board member represents the CARP leadership. Advisory Board Members are volunteers.

Board members communicate concerns of parents to STF staff and concerns and policies of staff to the parents. They participate in four meetings per year that include STF leadership and staff members, allowing Board members to understand the situation of STF and the STF staff and thereby support them well. They make policy recommendations to STF staff.

The Board helps to ensure that STF Staff are free to focus their entire attention on the education and training of the STF members, by fielding concerns of parents.

Parent Liaison

The responsibility of the Parent Liaison is to communicate concerns of the Board to the parents of STF members in their region and represent the parentsí questions, concerns and suggestions to the Board. The Parent Liaison needs to be well informed of STF policies and have the heart to understand parents, to digest and articulate their concerns and suggestions. The PL also provides information and advice to other members in their region who are interested in sending their children to STF in the future. Parent Liaisons are volunteers, members of the Parents Association recruited by the STF National Advisory Board.

STF Parents Association

All parents of STF members are members of the STF Parents Association. Parents are encouraged to work with the Parent Liaison and to hold meetings as an Association in their local area.

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