STF Handbook 2004

STF Mission Statement

STF is a full-time, three-year* leadership training program for the Blessed Children to inherit heavenly tradition and the culture of living for the sake of others. At the crucial turning point between high school and college, young people need specialized education to overcome the influence of a humanistic, materialistic culture of self-gratification and prepare themselves to take initiative in spiritual leadership during the college years. Emphasis on experiential learning creates an environment where STF participants can challenge their limitations, awaken their inner potential, and discover their true identity as the second generation, rooted in the blood lineage of True Parents.

STF cultivates heart and character, leading young people to become persons of conviction, who can dream big and accomplish those dreams. Experiences of front line training in fundraising, witnessing, Divine Principle lectures and Service for Peace projects lead participants through a process of inner transformation, where they firmly establish their relationship with God, True Parents, and True Family. Divine Principle comes to life in building relationships of true love, teamwork, harmonizing with people of all different backgrounds, and practice in conflict resolution. Blessed children will gain a strong foundation for creating a harmonious and victorious Blessed Family of true love through developing such relationship skills. STF equips the Blessed Children to fulfill their destiny as Abel to love and save Cain, to take ownership of Godís Providence, and commit to a lifetime public mission.

* "Three years" include two-consecutive years of training and 1 year of foreign mission work anytime after training period.

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