STF Handbook 2004

Letter To Parents

May 2004

Dear Parents,

Your interest in the STF program for second generation is an inspiration to Hyun Jin Nim and all Second Generation Education Department staff. Certainly the parents of potential STF members have many questions and concerns. Based on the experience we have gained over the past years, we have made every effort to anticipate your concerns. The enclosed materials offer an extensive introduction to the STF programs and include many recent changes and improvements.

We are very excited that this year we can combine the beginning of the STF kickoff workshop with the Jr. STF kickoff workshop. Mr. In Soo Kim, Director of the Second Generation Department, will be director for the Jr. STF kickoff workshop.

For those who wish to enroll in STF for the Fall of 2004, this Junior STF kickoff workshop, from August 1st to August 14th, serves simultaneously as the STF kickoff workshop, and is mandatory.

Attached is a schedule of the entire STF kickoff workshop, beginning with 2nd International STF Assembly. The additional days of August 15th to 17th will be at UTS for the conclusion of the STF kickoff workshop and the official start of their STF experience. Please note that the final 3 days of the STF kickoff at Barrytown are not open to those who have not participated in the Junior STF kickoff workshop.

There are many wonderful opportunities for both the older and younger kids. The cost for all participants is between $500 to $600 (to be determined soon) and includes all transportation within the workshop, an adventure outing, Service for Peace activities, and all meals and accommodations (Camp Sunrise, The New Yorker and UTS in Barrytown, NY).

Your information packet includes:

This Welcome Letter with the Schedule for the Kickoff Workshop

STF Mission Statement

STF Handbook explaining the opportunities and requirements for participation in this year’s program; the policies, guidelines, explanation of the purpose of STF training and the 7-year course; detailed descriptions of activities and schedule; and the outline of our communication structure.

Letter from the Parents Association Board

Application form (DUE: June 30, 2004)

Parental Signature form (to be turned in with the application)

We hope that you have heard some of the testimonies and experiences of the young people who have been out on the front line over this past year. They have been truly amazing.

Over the past year, we have invited more parent involvement and ownership, which we will continue this year. Beginning in August, we will rearrange and update the lists of parent liaisons to be available to represent the concerns of parents to the STF staff, and facilitate communication regarding specific situations as they may arise. Please see the enclosed letter from the Parents Association Board for more detailed information.

The internal value of STF training is priceless and eternal. The testimonies of personal transformation of STF members over the past 2 years give evidence of this immeasurable value. As part of parental involvement and ownership, this year we are asking parents to make their own prayerful decision as to a voluntary monthly monetary pledge, to offer as a donation to support the continued development of the STF program, according to what you feel you can give. Please see the enclosed Handbook for more details.

The deadline for application to STF is June 30, 2004.

(If your family receives an additional application for Jr. STF, you do not need to apply. This application for STF includes the Jr. STF program.)

We sincerely hope that this packet will be of assistance in the important decisions you face about the education of your children. Please contact Shinji Nakamura at 510-259-1139, or email if you have any questions.

Co- Director, Special Task Force
Director of Field Education, World CARP

Mr. Ittetsu Aoki
Co-Director, Special Task Force (STF)

President, World CARP USA
Mr. Joshua Cotter

Parents’ Association National Advisory Board Chairperson
Mrs. Christine Froehlich

Schedule for STF Kickoff workshop

You will receive more information about the exact cost of the workshop, transportation to Camp Sunrise, etc as you send in the STF application form.

If your child is flying into NY airports (Newark Airport would be the best one), please make sure the flight arrives in the early afternoon on July 31, latest by 4pm to allow enough to go to Camp Sunrise and register.

If you have any questions concerning the Jr. STF schedule, please contact Mr. David Stein at or your local youth ministers.

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