STF Handbook 2004

Revised Letter To Parents

Dear Parents, May 2004

We would like to extend our greetings as you review this packet of materials about the STF program.

The National Parents Association Board of Advisors was initiated to help build unity and trust between parents of STF members and the staff. The National Board of Advisors and Area Representatives take on the role of the communications link. They represent the parents’ concerns, requests and suggestions to the STF staff to help improve the program for our children. They receive answers from staff to as many questions as possible to create the positive give & take we need to make the program successful.

The STF staff is a rare and precious group of brothers and sisters, willing to live a public life on the frontline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When our children see their example of sacrifice and service, they can understand through direct experience the value of this way of life. Our children truly love the staff because they feel their sacrificial love, and God’s love through them. They also come to appreciate the sacrifices of their parents through the staff’s living example.

Many members and parents have testified outstanding work of the STF staff. Of course, we also need constant evaluation and improvements for the program as well.

As parents, we have entrusted our children into the care of the staff, for leadership training, and the education and nurture of their life of faith. We stand in a position to support and enrich the STF program as well. The unity of heart that we develop in trusting Hyun Jin Nim and the STF leadership is crucial in order for God to work in amazing ways with the second generation. This unity is also crucial for the spiritual protection of STF members.

We hope God will guide your family in the decisions you make regarding your children’s future. Once your son or daughter is accepted into this program, a parent representative will be assigned to your family, to facilitate communication.

God Bless you,


Christine Froehlich and the Parents Association Board Members

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