This Month in Providential History


This Month in Providential History -- November

In this new column we will outline significant events that happened in the providence in this century. We will relate events in True Parents' lives giving an explanation of the event and its significance. This information is drawn from a database that is being compiled at HSA Headquarters.


Father first went to the Israel Monastery. There he served Mr. Beck Moon Kim who was a John the Baptist figure for 6 months which was symbolic of indemnifying 6000 years of history.


On August 11, 1946 Father was arrested by the police in Taedong, a district of Pyongyang. In jail, on Sept. 18, 1946 Father had tried to pass a message to Mrs. Hyo Bin Heo the leader of the Inside Belly Church. The note was discovered, Mrs. Hyo Bin Heo was killed and Father was severely tortured. Father was released from jail on the 21st, after 100 days in prison. The early followers found his body and revived him with oriental medicine.


The first Children's Day was declared in Seoul, Korea. The date was October 1st by the lunar calendar.


Miss Young Oon Kim's small missionary group moved to the Bay area of California from Oregon.


Un Jin Nim was born


True Parents began their Third World Tour


True Father began his Fourth World Tour


First ICUS Conference was held in New York. Further ICUS conferences were generally held each November.


First Unification Thought Conference was held in New York.


Father published in newspapers across America his Watergate Statement asking Americans to "Forgive, love and unite".


Father speaks in Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta, Omaha, and Minneapolis as a part of his 21 city tour "Christianity in Crisis: New Hope". Father spoke on 3 consecutive nights in each city. He spoke on the crisis of faith in present day Christianity and the new hope for all through the imminent second coming of Christ.


Father speaks in Chicago and Seattle as part of his 8 city tour which began on September 18th with the Madison Square Garden rally.


Special Blessing of 3 Couples. The first couple were blessed in England on the 25th, later the second couple were blessed in America and the third couple in Japan.


Unification Ceremonies were held at Chung Pyung Lake. The first ceremony called for the unification of all religions, and the second for the unification of all races.


Global Congress Of World Religions was held in Seoul, Korea.


Hyo Jin Nim and Nan Sook Nim were engaged in Seoul, Korea.


International Highway project proposed in Seoul, Korea.


Interview with Mother appears in Yeou Won magazine in Korea.


Conference for Christian ministers was held in Seoul, Korea. 1700 ministers of all different denominations attended.


The movie "Inchon" was released.


The Assembly of the Worlds Religions was held in McAfee, New Jersey.


Sung Wha University was established.


True Mother spoke in Frankfurt, Germany as a part of her WFWP World Tour


True Mother spoke in Berlin, Germany; London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, France; Lille, France; Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Sydney, Australia

We hope that this information has been informative. If you know of any event that should have been here please write or call HSA Publications, 4 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036 (212)997-0056

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