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December 24, 1998


Like the rest of our movement, UTS is experiencing many new challenges at this time in the Providence. True Father's expectation is that UTS will become self-sufficient and to hasten us toward that goal the financial support for UTS was drastically cut. However, 10 new students will enter in January and many plans for UTS development are underway. Following is a UTS news page that will be distributed every month to keep you informed about UTS.

True Father Visits UTS - November 17, 1998

True Father returned to America in mid-November mainly for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and dedication of the new Health and Sciences Building at the University of Bridgeport. However, on this November 17th visit to UTS he said that as he had invested so much in UTS he wanted to visit us first before going to UB. He went on to remind us of the original mission of UTS - that of revitalizing Christianity. He emphasized the importance of heart education, explaining that the Professor's needed to convey God's heart to students. Father also said that UTS should become the North American Chung Pyung Lake.

Making Closer Connections

During Father's recent visit to UTS, he emphasized that the Faculty and Alumni need to be largely responsible for recruiting new students and financially supporting them. Father's desire is for UTS to be totally self-supporting. In light of this we would like to set up an alumni list-serve so that we can brainstorm together ways to increase enrollment and funding for UTS. We're looking for an alumni volunteer to set this up- anybody out there? Please let Gillian Corcoran know (admisuts@epix.net)

Sacred Music

Dr. Sallyann Goodall returns from South Africa to teach "Sacred Music" A song of anticipation is in the air as UTS prepares to welcome back Dr. Sallyann Goodall. Two years ago Dr. Goodall taught "Arts in Ministry", a course which continues to inspire much spirited conversation and creativity. Dr. Goodall earned her Doctorate in Music at the University of Durban-Westville, S. Africa where she is currently head of the music department. Her course will be offered 3 days per week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday beginning January 11th for 8 weeks.

Other UTS courses being offered this Winter term are:

Old Testament Foundations
New Testament Foundations
Unification Philosophy
Unification Worldview
Unification Theology
Systematic Theology
Church History
Confucianism, Psychology and Religion
Theories and Techniques of Counseling
Foundations of Religious Education
Practicum in Teaching
Practicum in Ministry
Unification Rituals and Tradition and Korean.

If you are interested in taking any of these courses please contact the UTS Registrar at 914-752-3012 or utsregis@ulster.net

Attention Alumni: You Can Now Earn an Accredited Degree

Did you enter UTS prior to Fall 1986? If so, you can now upgrade the diploma you earned at UTS to a fully-accredited Master's degree. Just contact the Registrar in writing or by e-mail and you will be informed of which courses you will need to take. This is determined by a comparison of current course requirements with the courses you completed. For most people this is between 6 and 15 credits, many of which will be available by distance learning. Be in touch. utsregis@ulster.net

Did you know that . . .

The Presidents of the Unification Church in Korea, Japan and America are all UTS graduates? Let's offer our prayers of support to Mr. Sun Jo Hwang, Mr. Katsumi Otsuka and Dr. Tyler Hendricks.

Long Distance Learning

The long-awaited opportunity to take UTS courses via distance learning is in the process of being implemented. The following New Certificate Programs have been proposed: Certificate in Theological Studies, Certificate in Church Leadership and Management, Certificate in Unification Studies, Certificate in Counseling/Family Ministry. Each of these certificate programs will comprise of 5 to 7 courses. The certificate programs do not require an undergraduate degree. It is also being proposed that several of the certificate programs can be combined so that students could earn an accredited Master's degree (ie a Master of Religious Education, M.R.E. or Master of Divinity, M. Div.) completely through distance learning, with several one week intensives at UTS (pending special permission from our accrediting agencies). Most courses will be offered correspondence style, with mentoring relationships between Professors and students; e-mail communication and chat rooms for discussion and the possibility of some internet courses down the road. So far UTS has successfully offered one course, Sociology of Religion, (Spring '98) via the internet. The details are still being hammered out, AND WE WOULD LIKE YOUR INPUT. Please respond by e-mail to Gillian Corcoran at admisuts@epix.net or in writing to the Admissions Office, 10 Dock Rd, Barrytown, NY 12507 with your response to the following survey and any additional suggestions and interests.

Survey On Distance Learning At Uts

1. Are you interested in taking a Certificate Program? Yes No

Check which program(s) you are interested in:

Certificate in Theological Studies Yes No
Certificate in Church Leadership and Management Yes No
Certificate in Unification Studies Yes No
Certificate in Counseling Yes No
Certificate in Family Ministry Yes No
Certificate in Biblical Studies Yes No
Certificate in _______________________
Certificate in _______________________
Certificate in _______________________

2. Do you have an undergraduate degree? Yes No

3. Are you interested in taking the proposed M.R.E. Degree Program? Yes No

(Master of Religious Education - pending special permission from our accrediting agencies)

4. Are you interested in taking the proposed M. Div. Degree Program? Yes No

5. If you took one course at a time and completed it in 4 months, it would take 2 years for 6 courses (average Certificate program).

Is this an acceptable time frame for you? Yes No
If not, what would you suggest?

6. One suggested price is $426 per course, (6 course certificate $2,556) Plus registration and course materials fee.

Would you be willing to pay this amount? Yes No

Name: ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Thank you very much. We appreciate your input.

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