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The 40-Day Ideal Family Workshop in Jardim - A Practical Guide for Families Wishing to Attend


The purposes of attending the 40- day workshop

1. To learn how to be an ideal family through studying Hoon Dok Hae material and attending the 6 am morning service. To embody the six Jardim declarations. To see how to put Hoon Dok Hae teachings into practice.
2. To make a 40-day condition to separate from Satan on the family level and make a condition to become an Ideal Family. A process of inheriting True Parents' heart of and sacrificial spirit at the cost of our lives.
3. To come to understand the course of indemnity conditions which True Parents have made to lay conditions to get success for major dispensational events such as blessings, through visiting three Holy Grounds.
4. To practice living for the sake of others within the workshop framework by doing service work, playing sports and preparing entertainment for the delight of others.
5. To register in the Kingdom of Heaven as a member of the Moon family

Reverend Shin, NM to Bolivia and 33-city itinerary worker (i.e. the 33 providential cities around the area of New Hope East Garden) summarized some points about the Jardim workshop on 27th October 1999.

He explained that there are three levels of blessed couple:

1. Matched engaged couples. These people have already been engaged. Their goal, according to Divine Principle, is to be blessed.
2. 2nd Blessing: Those who received the Chung Pyung blessing by doing 40 days at Chung Pyung. They have been separated from evil spirits / evil ancestors. All blessed couples should do 40 days at Chung Pyung.
3. Completion level blessing – Jardim. The 40 days at New Hope East Garden at the Ideal Family Workshop. This is the Perfection Level of the Blessing. The participant’s mission or position is not important. All participants should go through the 3 levels of the Blessing.

True Father wants all blessed couples to do the 40 days workshop at Jardim. Father said that we will regret it if we don’t do this. Furthermore, True Father is not guaranteeing how long the workshops will go on for before the door will be closed.

The purpose of the 40 days are to register into the True Parent’s family, and to receive education from the True Parents. Members of the True Parents family are families on the perfection level. As a condition for this we must also have brought 185 couples (160) to the Blessing for us to belong to True Parent’s family.

Only those who have brought 185 couples to the Blessing and who have attended the 40-day workshop in Jardim are eligible to be registered in True Parent’s family. We have to come to resemble True Parents, become a true couple who can bless our own children in the future and who can inherit the prayer and merit of the True Parents. We are reminded that we should witness for 7 years and get 84 substantial spiritual children in that time. Practice Hoon Dok Hae, know, believe in and follow True Parents!

Making an official photograph with True Parents (not normally easily obtained) means that we will be able to live with True Parents in the Spirit World – this is a promise.

Who should attend?

Husband and wife are strongly urged to attend this workshop together according to Father’s direction. Ideally grandparents, parents and children should all attend the workshop together.

In case one spouse absolutely cannot attend (or if he / she is in the spirit world), their child age 12 years or older * can substitute the other spouse. If spouses are only able to attend separately, they should try to overlap their schedules so that they at least are able to have some time together during the workshop.

* Older members of the second generation who have already received the Blessing are considered a family in their own right and should attend the workshop as a separate family. They cannot participate in the place of either of their parents.

When to attend and for how long?

Each family can come to start their own 40-day course whenever it is convenient for them. However, as mentioned above, there is no guarantee as to how long the opportunity to attend will be left open. Therefore we strongly urge all members throughout the world not to miss this most precious chance and would advise members to attend as soon as possible.

Each family should attend the workshop for a period of 40-days. Please note the date of your arrival and the date of your departure at New Hope East Garden cannot be counted as part of the 40-days. Graduation certificates can only be issued to those who have completed the full 40-day course. For this reason it is good to plan a few extra days into your stay at New Hope East Garden.


Take a flight to São Paulo and either take a bus or connecting flight to Campo Grande-MS (nearest public airport). From Campo Grande you can take a bus to Jardim and then a taxi to New Hope East Garden or you can hire a taxi (it advisable to arrange this first through New Hope East Garden) for a 3 to 4 hour journey direct to New Hope East Garden in Jardim. A detailed report about the journey from São Paulo can be found in a separate document; "Traveling to New Hope East Garden from São Paulo." This also includes information about the return journey and arranging direct transportation from Campo Grande to New Hope East Garden.


Citizens from the US, South Korea and Japan all require visas for Brazil. Most West European and some East European citizens do not require visas. A quick phone call to your local Brazilian consulate to check whether you require a visa or not, may save you a lot of trouble.

Those nationals requiring visas should apply for a normal tourist visa (purpose of sightseeing). The standard tourist visa lasts for 90 days (ample time for the 40-day Workshop). Take your plane tickets (or at least a booking confirmation from your travel agent), passport (must be valid for a period of at least six months) and a passport sized photo to your nearest Brazilian Consulate. You will probably have to pay a visa fee and in some cases it may take a few days to process your visa. You normally do not require a letter of invitation for such a tourist visa. Do not use this manual as a letter of invitation.

Things to bring

Reading Materials:

1. Blessing and Ideal Family - Sun Myung Moon (Both Volumes from the Hoon Dok Hae Series or the Original Green Book)
2. Earthly Life and the Spirit World - Sun Myung Moon (Both Volumes from the Hoon Dok Hae Series)
3. Life in the Spirit World and on Earth - Dr. Sang Hun Lee
4. Lucifer, a Criminal Against Humanity - Dr. Sang Hun Lee *
5. Who is He? *
6. True Parents - Sun Myung Moon (Hoon Dok Hae Series)
7. Exposition of the Divine Principle - Sun Myung Moon (New English Translation (1996))
8. Holy Song Book – English

* These books are not published in English (except in the book "The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom", photocopies of the transcripts are available in English at New Hope East Garden.


1. Blessing and Ideal Family – (as defined above)
2. Exposition of the Divine Principle (as defined above)
3. The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom (FFWPU – New York 1999)

This book contains all other Hoon Dok Material defined above.

Practical Equipment:

Notebook, journal, pens, and stationery.
FM radio with headset for translation for each person, with extra batteries.
Flashlight and night reading light.
Biodegradable body soap, shampoo, laundry soaps and clothes pegs. (Suitable laundry soaps and clothes pegs are available in the workshop store).
Towel and facecloth.
Thermos Flask and Plastic Food Boxes (Tupperware) – useful for food keeping food from the ants.
Make-up, facial cream, lotion, sun block (factor 45), insect repellent, bandaids (plasters), anti-itch / anti-allergy cream.
Camera and film and Sunglasses.
Indoor shoes, slippers, or socks.
Tote bag, backpack or waist pack.
For Sunday night entertainment please bring: native costumes, musical instruments, song and instrumental sheet music.
Suggested sports equipment: fishing rods, tackle box, with lots of extra small and medium sized hooks and sinkers, baseball glove; soccer ball, shoes and shin guards; jumping rope; frisbee.
Bring a gift for your Sisterhood Family Matching.

For Children

Diapers (nappies) and wipes for small children.
Small quiet games for your children: white and colored paper, crayons and colored pencils, sketch books, pencil sharpener, scissors, books to read, activity books, glue sticks, cards, games.
Simple pushchair (stroller) for small children – may be very useful!


The weather in the winter months (mid-June through mid-September) is variable: prepare for warm to hot days, cool evenings and mornings, and cold rainy days.

The weather in the summer months is very hot and humid, with periods of lightning and rain. The weather in between the summer and winter can be a combination of both these.

Suggested items to pack for the winter: (1) warm to hot days: shorts, shirts, cap or sun hat, umbrella for protection from the hot sun, sneakers, sandals, hiking boots, (2) cool mornings and evenings: long pants, long skirts, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, windbreakers, light jackets, warm pajamas or long underwear, (3) cold rainy days: warm jacket, parka, raincoat or umbrella, heavy sweater, scarf, poncho, and slip on rubber boots.

Bring your best clothes, i.e. suit and tie for men and suit or dress for women, for your photograph with True Parents (your descendents will be bowing to this photograph). Bring one good outfit for pledge and Sunday evening entertainment.

Medicine / Health:

Living in a tropical climate in close proximity with many other people from all over the world creates an environment in which various types of bacteria can easily spread and multiply. Please bring anti-bacterial cleaning materials and prepare well so that you can keep a good standard of personal hygiene and sanitation.

Whilst it is highly unlikely that you may contract any serious disease, it is quite possible that you (or particularly your children) get a cold, fever, diarrhea an upset stomach or a combination of these. You are therefore advised to be well prepared for this eventuality and bring plenty medication for pain relief, upset stomach, diarrhea, fever and common colds.

Don’t forget to bring personal prescription medicine for your full period of stay (if you are currently taking some) as well as any vitamins or other supplements you may feel relevant.

The water supply in New Hope East Garden is not suitable for human consumption. However, filtered water is available in a number of places and mineral water can always be purchased in the store.

Request for materials

Western members are encouraged to bring useful reading or reference materials to donate to New Hope East Garden. Any church books, educational manuals, speeches, general knowledge reference books, technical or computer manuals would be most welcome. (In addition: Songbooks and sheet music are desperately needed for the cultural entertainment evening!)

The Korean and Japanese members have already established useful libraries, however there is still a very limited amount of reading and reference materials in the English language.

We would also like to additionally request that you bring any surplus toys, children’s books (nursery rhymes, story books, fairly tales, song books) for donation to the New Hope East Garden Nursery or school.

Inoculations (Vaccines or Shots)

Jardim is located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. This state is considered to be free from Malaria, Cholera, and Typhoid. However, Yellow Fever does exist in isolated circumstances. The Brazilan government currently has a large campaign to try and stamp out Yellow Fever throughout Brazil. All people crossing the land borders from neighboring countries (Paraguay, Bolivia, etc) are required to have had the Yellow Fever vaccine in order to be able to cross into Brazil. In addition, all visitors entering Brazil through the major channels (e.g. São Paulo airport) are given the chance to take the vaccine free of charge.

The vast majority of members who have participated in the 40-day workshops have not been vaccinated and had no problems, however there is always a risk. It is a personal decision whether to take the vaccination or not and there is no official New Hope East Garden policy. If you are unsure, it is perhaps best to discuss the issues with your family doctor before you travel.

Money and Finances

You are requested to bring all your money as cash in US currency only (Europeans should convert to US Currency before traveling). Traveler’s checks, money orders and personal checks are not acceptable in New Hope East Garden.

It is possible to get cash from your Visa or American Express credit cards (as long as you know the PIN number) or cash travelers cheques in Jardim. However, you will have to make a round trip to Jardim, which of course will involve some expense both financially and in terms of time.

Registration Fees

1. Adults and children 12 years and older: US $1000 for forty days.
2. Children ages 6-11 years: $500 for forty days.
3. Children ages 0-5 years: US $300 for forty days.

Graduation Certificates will only be granted to those who pay in full.



Size (Cm)



Photographs with True Parents


50 x 60

x 25

3 x 4





US $60

Family Picture T.P.

50 x 60


US $40

Sister hood picture with T.P.

20 x 25


US $20


* This fee should be paid in cash.

Additional Costs

There is a US $7 per adult charge to cover copying, parties, gifts, etc.

Each family goes on three trips to the "Holy Grounds." For all three trips, a total of US $5 per seat on the bus will cover tips. Children sitting on a parent’s lap are free.

There is a small fee for children attending school, which covers snacks and supplies. Approximately 20 Brazilian Real per child.

Airport tax

1. Departure tax of US $6 per person is required for those who arrive in São Paulo and take the connecting flight to Campo Grande.
2. Domestic Departure Tax of US $6 per person is required for those taking the flight from Campo Grande to São Paulo.
3. An International Departure tax of US $36 per person, is payable at the São Paolo airport.

Changing your departure date (re-booking) is usually charged at US $75 per ticket.


Souvenirs, snacks, and personal items may be purchased at the workshop store.

Children and Nursery / School

Parents are to expected to take responsibility for their children (children over 12 years are to attend as adults) during the course of the workshop. It is possible for children to enter the Hoon Dok Hae room and stay at the back as long as some one takes care that they are quiet and are not disturbing the Hoon Dok Hae reading (or other children).

A nursery (for children under 6 years old) and a school for western children (ages 6 – 12) have been established in the New Hope East Garden. As Workshop participants are responsible for the organizing and running of these activities, the quantity as well as the quality of the schooling varies depending on the number and ability of participants who volunteer as staff.


It is the goal of the workshop staff to be able to immediately inform you and direct you to your private room upon your arrival. This goal is challenged during the winter months (mid-June through mid-September) because of the enormous increase in the number of participants.

All rooms are more or less the same (though they vary in size). They consist of a family room (large room with air-conditioning / heating) and en-suite bathroom / shower.). They are furnished with bunk beds, which can be moved around according to your requirements. Rooming Priority is always given to: (1) families with very young children who are not yet able to sleep through the night, and (2) individuals or families with serious medical problems. Please bring these situations to the attention of the person responsible for room assignments and every effort will be made to accommodate different needs. Each bed will be fitted with clean bedding: one sheet, one quilt, a pillow and a pillowcase. If there is no clean bedding in your room, please ask at the workshop office.


The workshop office is located at the rear of the Temple Building.

Small amounts of money can be changed there.

Phone call fees: Domestic: 0.5 Brazilian Real per minute

Long Distance: 1.0 Brazilian Real per minute
International: US $4 per minute.
Collect calls: 1 Brazilian Real whether the other side accepts or not.
Fax: US $3 per sheet (regardless of how full the page is)
E-Mail: 2 Brazilian Reale to send an e-mail.

Official Address: New Hope East Garden CP74 Jardim-MS,

Telephone: +55-67-209-1234
Fax: +55-67-209-1230
E-mail address:

Additional Information:

Detailed information about the journey from São Paulo to New Hope East Garden can be found in a separate document; "Traveling to New Hope East Garden from São Paulo."

All participants will be given: "40-Day Ideal Family Workshop in Jardim - Workshop Guide and Manual" upon arrival in Jardim. This covers the day-to-day aspects of participating in the workshop.

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