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Matching Agency Campaign In Barcelona One Member Finds 40 Candidates!

European Weekly Newsletter No. 3
November 10, 2000

Antonio Fernandez has single-handedly produced about 20% of Europe's current matching candidates! In this report he is happy to share his strategy with you in the hope that you can also find many candidates. He writes:

My motivation is to find a way to reach people of good conscience who want to establish a stable marriage and family in which they can live happily for ever. Because I don't have any staff or many resources I decided to put an advert in a newspaper in the Marriage Agencies section.

CALL ME NOW TEL .-----------------------

The results from this project are sufficient to give me confidence to recommend this method to all who wish to make a good matching result for True Parents. Here is an outline of the method I employ.

Receiving Calls

I receive 2 or 3 calls every day in response to my newspaper advert. Most of these people are lonely, have experienced a broken relationship, or want a serious relationship. Of course not all callers are sincere people. When they call I always tell them that we are a religious organization, defending family values, and I explain the matching process on the telephone. I ask their age and couple situation and put a lot of emphasis on the seriousness of our work. I tell them that the service we provide is at cost price and that we are not wishing to make a profit from them. If they are interested I give them a first appointment.

First Appointment

On the first appointment I take their personal information on a matching application form and show a video about the blessing ceremony, True Parents’ life and our vision of 'One World of Ideal Families'. If they like what they see, I present the Principle as a basic teaching for success in building a good relationship as a couple and family. I immediately give them an appointment to study Principle, and have a camera ready to take the matching photograph. I ask them for some money for the pictures and other expenses.


From every ten people at least five can agree to the matching and at least two are willing to attend a Principle seminar. Right now I have around 40 people ready for matching most of them male because they respond in a greater number to the newspaper advertisement. Still I am not sufficiently successful in reaching the ladies.


I have been working on this project since last February’s Blessing and not a day has passed when I have not been meeting people and teaching the Principle.

People understand Principle and True Parents’ vision, but what they want most of all is their partner. For me it would be much easier to have them matched one month after their first contact, because the real excitement is when they receive the picture and meet the partner. The principle is not enough and I am in danger of losing them if they have to wait too long. For this reason I would like to get them matched as soon as possible in order to win their acceptance and prepare them for the Holy Blessing.

I found it very important to persevere through the process of finding the people, not loosing hope when some did not accept. At first it was difficult to have confidence, but now I have a lot of experience in helping people to understand what an ideal couple means and the importance of having a good family. It is too soon for them to understand the real meaning of True Parents and the value of the Blessing, but little by little we are getting there. I have four brand new Blessed Couples from the last blessing, two of them living together and the others organizing their lives to do so. Anyway I am alone in the church center, very busy and very happy. God bless you all.

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