Chung Pyung News - January 9, 1999



January 9, 1999

Chung Pyung News

Spirit World Blessing Report

ADDITIONAL DIRECTION FOR CHUNG PYUNG Ė True Parents ask for liberation of direct ancestors up to four generations

Recalling the early sessions at Chung Pyung

We wish everyone a happy New Year with the blessing of God and True Parents. As most of you may know, the Chung Pyung providence began on January 19, 1995. Since that time and especially after the 300th workshop session on December 8, 1998, we have been experiencing many miracles and blessings from our Heavenly Father and True Parents.

True Father declared this yearís motto to be "Making the True Blessing to be Universal and Cutting off Satanís Blood Lineage Completely" (rough translation). He said we must liberate our ancestors by our love, making spiritual conditions to remove our fallen nature and by uniting our mind and body. Everyone must do this. Following True Parentís direction, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim can now liberate ancestors close to us, even up to four generations.

Detailed information given

  • Direct grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., up to four generations can now be liberated at Chung Pyung. (Direct brothers and sisters can be included.)
  • All members who wish can participate.
  • To guarantee success, spiritual conditions should be made such as prayer, bowing, breakfast fasting, etc.
  • Donation for the ancestors should be prepared.
  • The time period for this special liberation is February 12 through the end of April at every 3-day workshop.

New ceremony different than past ancestor liberation ceremonies

Until the present time Dae Mo Nim has been liberating ancestors who are connected by indemnity to spirits who have deep resentment and are staying in our bodies. But now, as True Parents have requested, she can also call down our direct parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, etc. Even our direct brothers and sisters who are in the spiritual world can be called down and sent to Heung Jin Nim for preparation for the Blessing. True Parents, Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim hope as many members as possible can take advantage of this opportunity.

True Parents concern for second generation children in the spirit world

Since the June 13, 1998 spirit world Blessing of Hee Jin Nim to a second-generation girl who is also in the spirit world, the way has been opened for second-generation children who have gone to the spiritual world to be Blessed. Dae Mo Nim is now preparing for this new Providence at Chung Pyung. This opportunity will soon be available to all of those who have second-generation children who have already gone to the spiritual world and who meet the qualifications.

Initial preparations for the second-generation spirit world Blessing will take place at Chung Pyung at a special workshop on the weekend of February 12-14, 1999. Either or both parents of eligible second-generation children in the spiritual world are invited to come to Korea to participate. Dae Mo Nim will give special instructions and make spiritual conditions for the spiritual world children including giving special candles, etc., to help raise them up and prepare them for Blessing.

More exact information concerning preparations will be made available.


The Chung Pyung staff has prepared this news brief.