Jung Eul Moon


Chi Kuk


Kyung Eu

Ascended 10/11/1954
Blessed 8/25/1995 to

Father's mother
Choongmo-nim (Loyal Mother)
(Kyung Gye Kim)

Ascended 1/7/1968

Sun Myung

Born: 1/6/1920

Father's elder brother
Dae Hyung Nim (Great Elder Brother)
(Yong Soo)

Ascended 4/9
Blessed 8/25/1995 to

Chi Sook Ji 

Kyung Bok Yong Sun

Shim Chae Nim (Younger Brother of Heart) (Yong Ki)

Born 3/3/1924
Ascended 5/10/1999

Yong Hyun
Kyung ? Ik Kyun
Sim Kuk Kyung Chun ? Kyun
Sung Kyun
? Kyun
Doo Kyun
Kyung ? Sik Kyun
Kyung Ik Chung Kyun
Won Kyun
Youg Kyun
Yun Kuk Kyung Bong  

The Story of the Nam Pyung Moons

In the 15th year of the reign of King Jabi (reportedly 172 A.D.), the king and his ministers of government saw a purple hue in the sky. Thinking it to be a sign of the birth of a wise man, he sent people to find where this would take place. It was the head of one province who eventually found the location after a year had passed. While out on a lake the governor saw a purple cloud gather over a big rock in the middle of the water. He heard the sound of a baby crying. Upon climbing to the top, he found a box made of stone. Inside was a baby boy. On the box, the Chinese character "Moon" was chiseled and colored red.

As a baby, he had large eyes and long ear lobes (which signify good fortune). The governor was very happy, feeling that the baby must be very special. He took the baby and raised him devotedly. King Jabi came to know of the child, and he summoned the child to come to him. Upon seeing the child, the king thought heaven had sent a wise man. He decided to raise the child himself, and gave him the family name Moon, according to the inscription on the box in which he had been found.

The child was named Da Seong, which means "having many thoughts," since he was very intelligent and thoughtful. He proved to have remarkable intellectual gifts and a great natural courtesy even at a young age, and later married a princess.

Moon Am Kak is the home of the Moon Am rock, where the baby was found.

(Source: History Committee Archive)

The information on Father's ancestry and cousins is from Seong Jea Moon.  
Most (except for where both husband and wife are specified) are males.

Updated: February 08, 2006