Dear Anne-Marie,

"I will be going to college this coming September. I am very strong in my life of faith and I know what I must do and not do but I am very nervous, if you have any suggestions I will truly appreciate them.”

Anonymous BC girl


Dear Anonymous BC girl,

Going to college is a big step. It may be the first time in your life that you will be away from your family for an extended period of time. The joyful exhilaration of being on your own for the first time will be quickly overridden by a sense of loneliness. It will pass as you will have to get very busy with your classes, and in time you will be meeting new friends.

It will take time to find the true friends that you will be comfortable with because even though they will not know the DP they will have great religious principles to live by. Do not rush into deep girlfriend relationships. Observe and select carefully. A couple of good friends will be a real support to you when you are feeling down.

Obviously if there is CARP in the college you are going to I suggest you look them up. Also if there is a religious organization on campus, check them out because some of them may be very good and most do practice purity until marriage.

Do not seek boys except for group studies. Do not get talked into going to bars under any circumstances, even with adult professors (outside the auditorium or classroom they may not be that great in terms of their moral example).

Use your conscience, if something does not feel right, it is not right. If you have to think it over or hesitate, you probably shouldn’t do whatever it is. Do not forget to take some time alone to read the Divine Principle and True Parents words, this activity will keep you centered. Concentrate on your studies. Do not forget to write, email and send pictures to your family. Keep in touch with them by phone too.

Finally and most importantly start and end your day in prayer to God. It does not have to be long but it has to be true.

That is all for now, take good care of yourself,
Love to all,