Dear Anne-Marie,

When the 'black' Heung Jin Nim said that for spiritual reasons it is better not to practice fellatio, what are the reasons for it? I read several speeches, and I believed it has been allowed by Our Father, it is not?

Thank you.


Seeking opinions on any topics from others and from books is good.  Even if the information given is not always accurate, still it makes one think prayerfully in order to seek deeper truth. 

Our True Father has spoken extensively on the blessing and marriage relationship.  I think it is wise that when couples have doubts on how to manifest their love towards one another that they seek True Father’s words.  Every person has a tendency to interpret other people words from their own framework of references and values, (including True Father’s words) in a way that makes sense to their own understanding, and that understanding may be erroneous or incomplete. 

The best way I have found when I am looking for TF’s words on a specific topic is to go to the following link: and then search by words. 

Searching can be fruitful this way. For example, I found many speeches with reference that might be relevant by searching using the word ‘lips”.  The following link is just one of what came up:

When reading the Bible and our True Father’s words one may become confused because it seems that there are plenty of contradictions.  However, explaining the Heart of God and the way of human life cannot possibly be done simply.  And, if we read the Bible and True Father’s words with the assumption that all is good and true, then contradictions will mean only that our understanding is not good enough and we must pursue the truth until we understand what has been said.

Take care and may God bless you,