Dear Anne-Marie,

First, let me tell you, how happy I am about such a competition! My own blessed children are 12 and 8 years old, but I believe, that there is a big group of Spanish-speaking blessed children out there, who are eager to participate as well. That’s why I put your announcement into the international Spanish-speaking Forum of Jesús Gonzalez. Just for the record: are you considering Spanish-speaking entries or should they be translated into English? Translation takes away a lot from the original heart of the person expressing their thoughts, unfortunately. (Not always, but mostly).

I live in Argentina and my children—and practically al the other blessed children around here—don’t speak any English yet. What are your thoughts?

With best wishes,
Dagmar Corales



Dear Dagmar,

Thank you for your mail.  If I find someone who is able to provide me with a good translation from English to Spanish and vice versa I will publish it.  It will have to be pro bono.