Dear Anne-Marie,

I was born in 1952 and joined the church in (and loving True Parents since) 1973, while serving in the U.S. Army. I am now the proud father of several Second Generation children from 13 year old down to 11 months. I'm curious -- what do you plan to teach Second Generation children about birth control, especially in light of True Father's guidance on the topic?
Best regards,
Anonymous from the Mid-Atlantic States, USA


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for responding. Actually I don't particularly desire to "teach" anything. The teaching is already out there in bits and pieces throughout the Divine Principle and our True Father's words. However, it is not always easy to piece it together and discerned what applies to a particular individual. I recently received the email from Jim Stephen about "birth control" and I believe more information is coming on this particular topic. If an individual comes to me with a very specific concern involving "birth control" I will hope to be able to guide that individual to make the right decision concerning his or her individual situation. But, especially for that kind of issue, I will not direct (or push) someone to go one way or another. I hope this clarify my position.

Please keep in touch, my responses to questions and comments will be posted for any one to read. And, if I give advice that does not fit someone else point of view, I will hope that I will receive feed back that will also be published.

Once again, thank you for responding.